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by Local510
30 Jul 2016 22:29
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Topic: WTB: Retrofit Mazda wiper motor for 510
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Re: WTB: Retrofit Mazda wiper motor for 510

Living in Calgary, these days you're taking your chances you'll get caught in an insane deluge if you just take a spin around the block.... My 2015 Subaru's wipers couldn't go fast enough the other day to clear all the water coming down...
by Local510
14 Jan 2016 21:22
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Topic: FS: L-Series Starter
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Re: FS: L-Series Starter

Sent you PM...
by Local510
07 May 2015 22:07
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Topic: Aluminum Drums, Door Handles, Trim, More
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Re: SUs, T25, Taillights, Rubber, Trim, and More Parts Galor

I'm interested in the weatherstrip (23 windshield and 24 doors).
+ Shipping to Calgary, Canada
by Local510
20 Jan 2015 21:20
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Topic: Finally Bought a Dime (again)
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Finally Bought a Dime (again)

Greetings! I joined quite a while ago (2009, pre-introduction requirement) and have been lurking as I have waited for the timing to be right to get a 510 of my own. I doubt the timing is right now, but I just bought a Datsun 510 anyhow, so I figured I should actually introduce myself since I'll prob...
by Local510
14 Jun 2009 17:46
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Topic: F/S: Sweet 69 4 door - $5500 EAST COAST - NEW HAMPSHIRE
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Re: Sweet 69 4 door For Sale - $5500 EAST COAST - NEW HAMPSHIRE

If this was a manual I would be sold...
But it looks amazing!