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by icehouse
22 Sep 2017 12:21
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How early do you guys leave?
by icehouse
21 Sep 2017 09:30
Forum: Technical - Archive
Topic: MR2 rack and pinion Set-Up how to's and test results
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traitorjacknif wrote:i just bought everything i needed to do this for about 100 bucks, God i love ebay

Did you ever finish the install?
by icehouse
18 Sep 2017 17:09
Forum: Events
Topic: WINTHROP Drive 2017
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Re: WINTHROP Drive 2017

One day I will make it to a drive with you guys!
by icehouse
18 Sep 2017 16:58
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: CMac,s 1971 Datsun 510
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Re: CMac,s 1971 Datsun 510

VVL head conversion - bullet proof but will not fit under the hood. Cost of dry sump, new crossmember and ECU puts this out of my reach. Are you talking P11 and P12 VVL heads won't clear the hood? The P12 valve cover is taller for the coilpacks. I've seen the blue VVL 510 and it seems to fit fine i...
by icehouse
18 Sep 2017 08:08
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: 2.3L of fun
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Re: 2.3L of fun

I have the Troy Ermish kit as well. I find it odd, if I rip on my car in first gear, like to 7500RPMs then let off and compression brake its like my car is bouncing off back lash or something. At first I figured it was the motor mounts maybe. You guys have me worried. It didn't do it with the dog bo...
by icehouse
17 Sep 2017 10:20
Forum: Classifieds
Topic: FS: Interior Panel NOS w/Some Storage Damage
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Re: FS: Interior Panel NOS w/Some Storage Damage

Tecate_kid check your PM's
by icehouse
15 Sep 2017 08:58
Forum: Events
Topic: Glenn Goodwin back at West Coast Nissan.
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Re: Glenn Goodwin back at West Coast Nissan.

Rad! I was sad when I called and he wasn't there! Now if I could remember what I was asking about :)
by icehouse
30 Aug 2017 17:33
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: 1971 2 Door, L16 --> 2.1 Long Rod --> SR20VE
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Re: 1971 2 Door 70s build

Me and Sam are doing the same build.

I find it weird that the VE motor which rev's higher doesn't have a fully counter weighted crank but the lower reving DET's do. Makes me wonder if it's really needed.
by icehouse
22 Aug 2017 12:14
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Topic: SU carbs
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SU carbs

complete set of SU's minus air box, need TLC found in barn, includes mouse poop. 150$ shipping


by icehouse
22 Aug 2017 12:11
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: "Hey" my daily driven race car!
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Re: "Hey" my daily driven race car! Another fun day at the track. It was looking like I was going to get 5th place overall but on my last session I was able to pull of an amazing time. Mind of matter is all it takes. The way they had the coarse start you had to turn a pretty sharp 45 degree angle. I kep...
by icehouse
21 Aug 2017 09:50
Forum: Featured Project Builds
Topic: My Coupe Project, back to the future.....
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Re: My Coupe Project, back to the future.....

Yeah we are ready to see another coupe build!
by icehouse
10 Aug 2017 19:14
Forum: Suspension
Topic: Road & Track: why stiff springs = less grip
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Re: Road & Track: why stiff springs = less grip

its not only writers, it seams even manufactures have lost the balance between shock and spring. a guy in a SLK on the perimeter road didn't like being past by a datsun. he hit the old jump just past the bridge at about 110km in the slow lane. the front end absorbed the jump and the rear end was pi...
by icehouse
06 Aug 2017 12:59
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Topic: not mine but very cool 200sx...
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Re: not mine but very cool 200sx...

510rob wrote:

A+ for a boosted race car

C- for go pro mounting.

I spy Electromotive ignition system!

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