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by icehouse
18 Oct 2018 08:25
Forum: Events
Topic: 2018 SCCA Runoffs..Run to the Championship
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Re: 2018 SCCA Runoffs..Run to the Championship

Can we live stream it like last year?
by icehouse
15 Oct 2018 08:51
Forum: Events
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Wow! Looks like so much fun! I gotta make it on one of these!!!!!
by icehouse
12 Oct 2018 09:40
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: Noobie's 510 project
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Re: Noobie's 510 project

I want to try a set!! I had some of the empi style in my car, complete garbage so I went back to the stock axles. They aluminum adapter always came loose and there was way to much back lash, made my car feel like a pile of garbage.
by icehouse
11 Oct 2018 12:10
Forum: Body & Electrical
Topic: Fuse box lid fix
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Re: Fuse box lid fix

I might have got the last one in the US.... I had mu buddy who works at the lexus dealer get me two of them. Turns out he was only able to get one. It worked out because Spreadburry hooked me up with an NOS JDM cover which is perfect for my coupe!!
by icehouse
08 Oct 2018 08:06
Forum: Classifieds
Topic: RB26DETT Nissan S14 240SX
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Re: RB26DETT Nissan S14 240SX

Time to turbo the 510!
by icehouse
08 Oct 2018 08:06
Forum: Engine Swap
Topic: SR20DET Oil Pump Priming
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Re: SR20DET Oil Pump Priming

I built a tank that holds 1 gallon of oil. The tank has a line off the bottom I screw into the oil pressure sending unit hole in the block. The tank has an air supply line at the top with a valve, I hook my air compressor up to it and pressurize the tank. Some engines you can see oil start to pool u...
by icehouse
30 Sep 2018 09:58
Forum: Body & Electrical
Topic: Fuse box lid fix
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Fuse box lid fix

I seem to remember there being a fix for the fuse box lid, the plastic piece that holds it down. Maybe Dime Quarterly article? I seem to remember it being a BMW part. Anyone remember? I found a minty lid in my collection. All the retaining clips are busted off though.

Thanks guys
by icehouse
28 Sep 2018 17:59
Forum: Classifieds
Topic: With asap front brake hose in Calgary
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Re: With asap front brake hose in Calgary

I have Porterfield's on my car. It's been a while since I ordered them but I was pretty sure they are the RS4's. I told them I daily it so I don't want any silly heat up pads. They stop the same regardless of temp, well 4 back to back laps in bonus time and they are shot. I have stock brakes front a...
by icehouse
23 Sep 2018 21:42
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: F20C in a 510
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Re: F20C in a 510

is it running?
by icehouse
23 Sep 2018 21:26
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: Chocolate covered circus peanut
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Re: Chocolate covered circus peanut

One day I'm going to drive this thing!  HAHA!!   I was working on a harness for another car, thought it would be a good idea to do them at the same time.  I guess it wasn't a bad idea, just a lot of yucky wiring to deal with.  I got it done and also put a Acura Integra wiper motor on it.  Thanks for...
by icehouse
12 Sep 2018 12:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Carburator Jet Box Storage ideas
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Re: Carburator Jet Box Storage ideas

I have an idea!!


Sorry couldn't help it :)
by icehouse
08 Sep 2018 17:16
Forum: Technical - Archive
Topic: Rack And Pinion exploration
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Re: Rack And Pinion exploration

Yeah the bushings vs rack fitment isn’t the best on some combos. I think the problem is there are lots of rack variations. I had to put a small sheet metal spacer behind the non steering side when using the stock replacement rack but with the 2.4 heavy duty rack it was a task getting both sides in.
by icehouse
08 Sep 2018 16:07
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project
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Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

That was fun to read. Can’t wait to see if the improved balance makes for a better burn out machine! Although my buddy Josh just pulled his lightened flywheel out of his KA. Said it made the gear box sound like it was going to explode. He even swapped to a different trans thinking that might have be...