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by okayfine
15 Apr 2018 09:44
Forum: Body & Electrical
Topic: Mazda Wiper motor swap link
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Re: Mazda Wiper motor swap link

Seems like a good time to remind about The 510 Archives, and specifically the DQ backissue folder: ... 1YjU1/edit
by okayfine
07 Apr 2018 15:57
Forum: Powertrain
Topic: Muffler selection. Magic solution needed.
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Re: Muffler selection. Magic solution needed.

Well the question of the day relates to how to keep me quiet. What I'm looking for is the answer to the eternal question, "If I wanted to make carburetor induction sucking noise the loudest thing I hear, and I'm not interested in wringing every HP out of the motor, what muffler wouild you choo...
by okayfine
07 Apr 2018 15:02
Forum: Classifieds
Topic: '69 heater core, lower grill trim, Grab Bag
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Re: '69 heater core, two-door door sill trim, lower grill trim, battery relo kit

I also have whatever this all is: Various old bits-n-bobs.jpg Looks like: 1 halfshaft 1 e-brake interior mechanism/lever 1 early metal transmission tunnel/shifter piece with ring 2 early defroster ducts 1 cowl 1 front-of-dash-under-the-windshield trim piece - this is the one-piece trim for the early...
by okayfine
07 Apr 2018 14:56
Forum: Classifieds
Topic: '69 heater core, lower grill trim, Grab Bag
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'69 heater core, lower grill trim, Grab Bag

Greetings 510 Realm! I found I never sold off the '69 heater core, as I just found it on the shelf in the garage. Good condition, hasn't seen coolant in 20 years. $100 shipped US. 510 69 heater core 1.jpg 510 69 heater core 2.jpg 510 69 heater core 3.jpg How does a lower grill trim piece grab you? N...
by okayfine
09 Nov 2017 19:03
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: 210 A87 U60 cylinder heads
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Re: 210 A87 U60 cylinder heads

Valves readily available. What to build and what to use it on depends on your goals. You'd want to verify whatever head you want to put money into is sound, flat, and true. THEN, calculate the chamber size to plan out a compression ratio, all before spending money. Easy to discuss stock heads. Once ...
by okayfine
07 Nov 2017 17:25
Forum: Engine Swap
Topic: Vg33 wiring
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Re: Vg33 wiring

Apropo of nothing specific to your question, but I ran a '95 KA24DE on an auto ECU and harness even though I had a manual trans. Wiring also wanted the crank position sensor mounted in the bellhousing, which I did not have hooked up either. No problems, ran great.
by okayfine
30 Oct 2017 19:04
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: WARNING about Hagerty insurance
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Re: WARNING about Hagerty insurance

Old insurance article I wrote for DQ covered this aspect of specialty-car insurance (Hagerty) vs. regular-car insurance (AAA, State Farm, etc.). You daily your car, Hagerty is not the right policy for you.
by okayfine
14 Oct 2017 19:16
Forum: Powertrain
Topic: Driveshaft length
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Re: Driveshaft length

Different shops like different measurements. Call your shop and ask how they want the measurement taken.
by okayfine
10 Oct 2017 20:52
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: L18 questions
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Re: L18 questions

OP, get your hands on a copy of the How To Hotrod book. All the L16/L18 hot-rodding tips you could want. At least give you a good base. People like Rebello and Troy have taken the game on, but at a cost of cubic dollars.

Digital copy of HtH is up at The 510 Archives.
by okayfine
31 Jul 2017 05:41
Forum: Powertrain
Topic: CV Failure
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Re: CV Failure

So...these kits are adapters/CVs/axles. If the CVs are poor and the rest of the bits are in good condition, why not just get some better CVs? They're cheap, compared to getting a whole new kit. Ran the Lobro parts (CVs and boots) with Matt's v1 adapters, no gaskets for the boots, never had grease es...
by okayfine
29 Jul 2017 20:39
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: production numbers of the 510 sedan,2 door,wagon
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Re: production numbers of the 510 sedan,2 door,wagon

specifically this link: ... edit?hl=en

But that's only Japan production. Not Aus, not Taiwan, not South Africa, not...
by okayfine
15 Jul 2017 07:34
Forum: Classifieds
Topic: WTB L-16 Lower Alternator mount
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Re: WTB L-16 Lower Alternator mount

Definitely drill the mount to accept a 10mm through-bolt for the alternator. The stock 8mm bolt is well known to snap from the loads. The OP appears to be saying that the mount he has takes 10mm bolts to the block, however. I don't recall this being on L20Bs I've had more recently, but then it's bee...
by okayfine
11 Jul 2017 20:53
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: 1971 2 Door, L16 --> 2.1 Long Rod --> SR20VE
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Re: 1971 2 Door 70s build

Did the Wilwood setup come from T3 as well, or did you DIY a bracket/rotor swap?

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