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by Cedric
21 Mar 2013 06:13
Forum: Technical - Archive
Topic: lowering steering
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Re: lowering steering

hmm good work.. but why you need to lower that steering.. because I am also using that on default position.. Anyhow share a picture after installation of wheel.. Then I can guess that how it looks. Thanks for sharing.

Rhino Rack Roof Racks
by Cedric
21 Mar 2013 06:08
Forum: Technical - Archive
Topic: N/A FJ20 Build
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Re: N/A FJ20 Build

hmm looking good. I guess you are expert in all this work, because you done is very well.. and the engine is looking now better.. Thanks for sharing your project, I am waiting for its completion.. ..please keep sharing.

Rhino Rack Roof Racks
by Cedric
20 Mar 2013 07:47
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: THE OLDEST 510
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Well the cars are looking very nice..I like these oldies because they are the only assets which we have.. But these are still very clean, I think guys you are very careful about the cleaning of the car.. Because the cars are about 40 years old and looking so young. Thanks for sharing the photos. Ple...
by Cedric
20 Mar 2013 07:40
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Look at what I saw today
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Re: Look at what I saw today

Well I guess this is a big project because in the photos the whole car is opened.. and also just like a skelton... anyhow please share some more photos after completion of the project. Thanks for sharing photos.. I will wait for your next post.
by Cedric
20 Mar 2013 07:35
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: New Seats
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Re: New Seats

hmm the seats looking very nice.. it sounds like are racing car... thanks sharing the photo..please share more photos of interior and exterior also.. I wanna see you complete car. I guess its in yellow color, I guess this from the door panels of car.
by Cedric
19 Mar 2013 09:57
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello I am new here...!!!
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Hello I am new here...!!!

Hello Guys Cedric here. I am newbie to this site and this is my first post. I found this site on google search because I was searching for the Datsun cars, today's I am interested in those cars and wanna get some basic knowledge about them. I hope I am on right platform and I will find enough knowle...