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by greenthumb
18 Mar 2019 19:43
Forum: Suspension
Topic: B210 brake booster install
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Re: B210 brake booster install

Calipers all free? I had a similar feel more years ago than I'd care to remember on a Z project. In the end the front calipers were stuck
by greenthumb
13 Mar 2019 06:33
Forum: Body & Electrical
Topic: Tach circuit board replacement
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Re: Tach circuit board replacement

very cool work. Not familiar with the 123 distributor. What was the reason the tach wouldn't read the 123 signal? Is it coil pack based, as opposed to a single coil?
by greenthumb
18 Feb 2019 22:18
Forum: Powertrain
Topic: In tank fuel pump conversion
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Re: In tank fuel pump conversion

Looks pretty slick
by greenthumb
18 Feb 2019 22:05
Forum: Powertrain
Topic: In tank fuel pump conversion
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Re: In tank fuel pump conversion

Got a link for that setup?
by greenthumb
12 Feb 2019 19:37
Forum: Powertrain
Topic: In tank fuel pump conversion
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Re: In tank fuel pump conversion

How is that ring held on to the inside of the tank before you get the first screw in to hold things together?
by greenthumb
03 Feb 2019 17:09
Forum: Non PL510 Projects
Topic: NotA510 620 long bed
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Re: NotA510 620 long bed

Yep. For me at least.
Nice job on the truck! Love trucks...
by greenthumb
28 Jan 2019 06:39
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: Jeff's '70 2 Door
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Re: Jeff's '70 2 Door

nice fab work. Did you heat that before pressing out the recesses, or just big pressure alone? You have access to a large press?
by greenthumb
25 Jan 2019 20:39
Forum: Suspension
Topic: S13 Suspension in a 510
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Re: S13 Suspension in a 510

Cool fab work- not for the faint of heart!
I know your sig says sr20dat, but that looks like some kind of 'v' engine architecture to me. WhTs the plan? Inquiring minds want to know...
by greenthumb
17 Jan 2019 18:47
Forum: Powertrain
Topic: Diff modifications
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Re: Diff modifications

That looks very clean! Did you do the swap yourself? Looks like the firewall was moved rearward somewhat?
by greenthumb
09 Dec 2018 21:36
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: What did you do on your 510 today?
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Re: What did you do on your 510 today?

Looks fantastic! Those dapper lights have the halo or angel eyes effect?
by greenthumb
05 Dec 2018 07:10
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: Noob build
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Re: Noob build

Looking very very nice. Are planning to cut and polish the clear coat?
by greenthumb
08 Sep 2018 15:38
Forum: Introductions
Topic: New Member
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Re: New Member

Oh my! That is lovely, and looks like my favourite 546 color?
by greenthumb
03 Sep 2018 21:18
Forum: Engine Swap
Topic: de-tuning a race engine
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Re: de-tuning a race engine

'S15 and detuned race KA probably about the same cost, between detuning the engine and finding the rest to get it running and s15 complete but will need the modifications-crossmember, electric fuel pump, wiring and etc.' fwiw if you want to 'enjoy driving the car, and make it comfortable' s15 would ...
by greenthumb
14 Aug 2018 13:45
Forum: Featured Project Builds
Topic: My Coupe Project, back to the future.....
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Re: My Coupe Project, back to the future.....

Awesome looking place Rich! That would tick an awful lot of boxes for me. I second the comments on value- that’s a ton of bang for your buck
by greenthumb
06 Aug 2018 10:49
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: Fred's 73 2dr 510
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Re: Fred's 73 2dr 510

‘It turns out my motor is not sitting where I need it to be. The valve cover is pretty damn close to hitting the hood and so is the front velocity stack. I'm also far from being able to get a good angle between the transmission and the diff.’ Good you are working on that critical detail. Any shortcu...