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by 68Datsun510
19 Aug 2003 21:16
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Topic: Cooling
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guest = me for the NAPS question, forgot to log in
by 68Datsun510
15 Aug 2003 23:42
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Topic: looks like i'll never make it to the meets...
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oh man that sux! always hard to see classics die :-(
by 68Datsun510
10 Aug 2003 18:18
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Topic: wire route
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wire route

ok, where does the wire that comes from the 30 amp "Lights" fuse go ion an early fuse block

2 wires go in one side, one on the other and the wire is cut off, no idea where it goes

by 68Datsun510
07 Aug 2003 20:25
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the rotary one in SCC (there were 2 in different issues) the early one i saw actually put down a better skidpad test than the Ferrari 360 modena! not bad for 30 years older and about a billion cheaper
by 68Datsun510
07 Aug 2003 20:22
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Topic: PL510 Fuse Box conversion
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bb gun! YEAH!
by 68Datsun510
07 Aug 2003 20:15
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Topic: OMG...IM LUCKY!!!!
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would dual dcoe40's with an isky cam be considered "too much" for an L16? should i go single dcoe for the sake of driveability?
by 68Datsun510
07 Aug 2003 02:30
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Topic: Stupid @#$!@#$!@#$!@#$ denting my car !!
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thats what i wanted to do also, flare the fornts with FG fenders, my metal ones have rust holes in the bottoms

Blk68510, bitchin ride!
by 68Datsun510
07 Aug 2003 02:22
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Topic: by 2005, is the aircare gonna be gone forever?
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cali emissions (aircare but worse)

the really sad part of california's emissions testing is that you could have a hemi charger with a weiland 8-71 blower and assuming somehow you pass emissions, you get a Fail just because of what you have under the hood in other words, even if it does pass with a blower/turbo/intake, you fail gotta ...