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by 510rob
16 Sep 2018 23:19
Forum: Not Datsun/Nissan related?
Topic: moar good videos :P
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Re: moar good videos :P

Looks like a familiar shop at the end Ok, so this is odd, and kind of weird. Someone took my brothers build thread, put their name and watermark on it and added it to their list of projects....using only the shots where we are not in them...nice!
by 510rob
09 Sep 2018 13:30
Forum: Classifieds
Topic: F10
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Re: F10

The plot... suddenly... got... super... tense...
RMS wrote:
09 Sep 2018 08:51
It wouldn't be for driving, I don't believe in FWD. I would get paid to park it beside new cars to make them look better.
Phew! This resolves everything!
by 510rob
08 Sep 2018 14:05
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project
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Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Thanks for documenting your work so thoroughly Jordan.
by 510rob
06 Sep 2018 11:16
Forum: Powertrain
Topic: "83 280ZX close ratio box and 3:90 differential
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Re: "83 280ZX close ratio box and 3:90 differential

What about the roadster CR box?
by 510rob
02 Sep 2018 21:47
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: What did you do on your 510 today?
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Re: What did you do on your 510 today?

that's a cool picture of your car and the valve cover
by 510rob
02 Sep 2018 21:44
Forum: Events
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Keith, Paul's e-mail is
by 510rob
01 Sep 2018 23:08
Forum: Engine Swap
Topic: de-tuning a race engine
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Re: de-tuning a race engine

My favorite car to ride in at my autox event is a first year rabbit with 400whp. It’s insane when the power kicks it. It reminds me of riding my YZ250. My tame NA SR is so damn boring afterwards. Maybe you should take some rides before redoing the KA. I rode in my buddies SR 510. 550cc injectors an...
by 510rob
26 Aug 2018 21:14
Forum: Introductions
Topic: New to the realm
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Re: New to the realm

Sounds like a great motor if you want to pay $20/gallon for fuel.
by 510rob
26 Aug 2018 10:41
Forum: Non PL510 Projects
Topic: butters zesty orange 350z
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Re: butters zesty orange 350z

Airbag light?
by 510rob
19 Jul 2018 20:56
Forum: Suspension
Topic: Turbos and B210 boosters
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Re: Turbos and B210 boosters

Me thinks that you are in uncharted territory. Lots of people have used a 210 booster, but probably not many have bothered to think about details like positive pressure on the brake booster under boost. On the other hand, would sending positive pressure to the brake booster be a problem if you are n...
by 510rob
09 Jul 2018 19:35
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Old GT3 car
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Re: Old GT3 car

good stuff. looks great.
by 510rob
05 Jul 2018 20:39
Forum: General & Technical
Topic: 2020 Concept Nissan
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Re: 2020 Concept Nissan

looks fast
by 510rob
24 Jun 2018 19:26
Forum: Events
Topic: A Day at Mission Raceway
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Re: A Day at Mission Raceway

I like the reinforced supports for the windshield.