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by okayfine
13 Nov 2007 08:41
Forum: Technical - Archive
Topic: high performance L18?
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Re: high performance L18?

badgti wrote:guys,

how do i go about building a performance L18 engine that i can use for trackdays?i plan on using 40dcoes on the L18, but have not much idea on wht other mods i need..

What is your budget? What are your expectations? What are your abilities?
by okayfine
13 Nov 2007 08:31
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: How often do you guys see RHD 510's come up for sale?
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So you want a Bluebird?

There are many issues surrounding the purchase/importation of a Bluebird. One thing you will need in abundance is patience. First you have to decide whether you want to buy a car that has already been imported, or if you want to attempt to import a car. Secondly you have to decide what sort of Blueb...
by okayfine
12 Nov 2007 23:03
Forum: Not Datsun/Nissan related?
Topic: just testing - no message
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just testing - no message


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