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by Ash510
29 Jul 2005 20:38
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Rebuild or MotorSwap
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RE: Rebuild or MotorSwap

If you want a good daily driver I would say go with a KA. swap. I have seen lots of them, and is just a great enjine for a 510. If you wand more power it gets to be a lot bigger job for an SR20. I would say KA if you have limited funds, they are easy to find and get parts for.
by Ash510
06 Jul 2005 20:20
Forum: Classifieds
Topic: WTB Datsun 510 2dr
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RE: WTB Datsun 510 2dr

how much do you want to spend? everyone wants a nice car but it has to be cheap. these cars dont exist! 30 year old cars are either fixed up already and worth some $$$$ or they are rusting to the ground and not worth anything.
by Ash510
05 May 2005 19:53
Forum: Technical - Archive
Topic: Good Books for Datsun Performance info.
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If anyone is interested I was at the Gildford library an saw a great 510 manuel. had lots of general tech. bits,and specs.mind you they are all for stock cars,but it had all the material to rebuild your car from front to back. worth a look.
by Ash510
04 May 2005 17:47
Forum: Technical - Archive
Topic: ditch the l16 or not
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I am doing an sr. swap. I have to tell you that it is a big job. take in to account intake,exaust,plumbing,intercooler,etc. etc.$ cheep I am doing most of the work myself and it is going to run me close to $6500.but 300 cool.