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by greenthumb
01 Mar 2017 22:16
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hi
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Re: Hi

Man, your coupe looks the business. Love it!!
by greenthumb
23 Jan 2017 20:09
Forum: Body & Electrical
Topic: LED dash lights
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Re: LED dash lights

Nice write up Steve
I'm thinking my 521 has the bayonet style for bulbs. The bulbs look like miniature light bulbs in their bayonet base. Is that what the tach bulbs resemble?
by greenthumb
17 Jan 2017 22:26
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: The white sloth project
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Re: The white sloth & the silver fox

Good luck with the sale. Glad you're keeping your sweet 510. It's one of my faves!
by greenthumb
06 Jan 2017 19:53
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: Black and Blue '68s
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Re: Black and Blue '68s

Pretty trailblazing stuff there Joel. Good to see you back at it!
by greenthumb
19 Dec 2016 19:38
Forum: Non PL510 Projects
Topic: 71 1200 Project ( Picture intense)
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Re: 71 1200 Project ( Picture intense)

can you elaborate a little on
'( shrink and stud pull as much as I could on a beer can and block the crap out of it..'
for us bodywork challenged types
Project looks great- whats the plan for power? Stock or a transplant?
by greenthumb
17 Dec 2016 17:26
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: 510 Advertising
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Re: 510 Advertising

interesting that its marketed as a 1600 and not a 510. Hard to tell for sure, but appears to be a 70 or newer model pictured with the larger markers. Weren't the first year models marketed as a Datsun 1600 in some markets?
by greenthumb
14 Dec 2016 20:20
Forum: Classifieds
Topic: WTS - Datsun 510 parts; NOS, Rare, etc.
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Re: WTS - Datsun 510 parts; NOS, Rare, etc.

Love tha sss wheel. Especially with the earlier horn button. Been looking for one for a while now. (The button that is)
by greenthumb
12 Dec 2016 18:15
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: Noob build
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Re: Noob build

more info on the dash please. Someone is making those? Looks like what a lhd coupe dash would look like?
by greenthumb
12 Dec 2016 18:07
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: Restoring a '69 510 4 door.
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Re: Restoring a '69 510 4 door.

nice find! I'll be hitting them up
by greenthumb
07 Dec 2016 21:06
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Unsuccessful Bidder on BAT
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Re: Unsuccessful Bidder on BAT

Try this one- superior in every way to the BaT car imo ... 10-sr20det
by greenthumb
01 Dec 2016 18:50
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: So I drove around Japan looking for a Bluebird...
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Re: So I drove around Japan looking for a Bluebird...

Man, that Coupe is the business! What a beautiful find. The color, the wheels, the stance... mmmmmMMMMMM
by greenthumb
16 Oct 2016 22:41
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: First time driven in 15 years.
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Re: First time driven in 15 years.

Great license plate!
congrats on the revival
by greenthumb
03 Oct 2016 12:37
Forum: Powertrain
Topic: Crankshaft rear oil seal
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Re: Crankshaft rear oil seal

it'd probably help to put that pilot bushing in the freezer overnight before you install also...
by greenthumb
01 Oct 2016 19:10
Forum: Project Builds
Topic: 68 2-Door Restomod
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Re: 68 2-Door Restomod

Very nice work on the plumbing! I'm loving the condensed version of the build. Feels like things are moving quickly, although it's unclear to me what the timespan actually was. Carry on! 8)