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General Discussion about the Datsun PL510
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Post by Derek » 24 Aug 2003 13:04

Derek Young
26 years of age
I live in downtown Vancouver (downtown east side!) in an artist live/work building with my girlfriend of 6 years. My "garage" consists of 2 underground parking spots in 2 different buildings.
I have an engineering degree, but for money I build props (mechanical fab/machining/electronics/CAD/CAM etc) for movies/tv at a shop in my neighbourhood and get paid occasionally for other things (fighting robots, renting things I own to the movies, selling stuff I make). I also make furniture and sculpture.

On my 3rd 510 since 1998, currently own a white 72 4 door, 200#/" coilovers all around, GC camber plates, TMC f/r sway bars, adjustable shocks, 15x6" panasports w 195/45-15 Kumho 712s. Currently rockin' a borrowed (thank Byron) stock L16, while I build my a mild race prepped EFI L18. The paint (aside from the engine bay) is rough and one fender has the one of the worst bondo jobs ever (I didn't do it), but it is from California and it isn't rusty, so that's what's really important. Really hoping to have the new motor in and running for auto-x season next year (FSP ahoy!)

I also have a 1992 NX2000 which is fun for a FWD car, and it is a good car to take up the mountain to go snowboard riding.
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Post by Cazzzidy » 25 Aug 2003 20:45

My name is Cassidy. I live in Santa Cruz, California. am taking a year off before entering a four year university with the specific intent of restoring a Datsun 510. I work at a coffee shop part time, which I love, but do serious web/database design to pay for the car project. I just secured a one year lease for 500sq/ft of industrial space for the resoration. I have about 2 years of DIY car project experience, some nice tools, a great facility, and a decent head on my shoulders.

I bought a clean, rust free, not running 68 2 door from a member of this forum and plan to swap in an SR20DET (with help from TSR), flare the car, fabricate a cage, install Ground Control coil overs and big brakes on all corners, re-doing the interior, and painting it silver/black dualtone. So far I have ordered a low mileage SR from Heavy Throttle and the suspension from GC. I plan on doing 95% of the work myself, with exception of minor fabrication from Mario at Toe Speed Racing.

I also have a 72 Mercedes 220Diesel as a daily driver. Before the Datsun goes under the wrench, I need to finish replacing the Injection Pump, motor mounts, calipers, rotors, pads, bearings, shocks, springs, and bushings. I am about 70% with this little project, but plan on immediatly converting to waste vegetable oil, because I feel our enviorment deserves everything I can give.

I also run http://www.190revolution.net, a forum for Mercedes-Benz 190Es. It has about 600 members and about 300+ posts a day. It is a pretty incredible collection of car enthusiasts. (I also own a 190E, but I am trying to sell it)

You will be able to keep track of my Datsun and Mercedes Diesel projects at my new website, http://www.cassidysgarage.com. I have not started posting content yet, but expect it in the coming month.

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Post by Blk68510 » 26 Aug 2003 10:40

Name: Ray Stashuk
Location: Richmond/Ricertown
Age: 18
Occupation: Sh!t sponge at Lantec/IMAC machineing
-Black 1968 4 door
Verry tired L18 (still deciding on what to do about that), 2'' exaust, 32/36 weber DGV, Roadster clutch, 280zx 5 speed trans, IR alternaitor, 280zx struts w/coilovers, 280zx front and rear brakes, 1'' front swaybar, cut roadster rear springs, tokico shocks, custom dash and center consol.
-Red 1970 240z
Auto-x car.
-Gold 1974 260z 2+2
Concourse quality restoration.
79 280zx (parts car) 81 280zx (parts car) 68 VW beetle (caught fire stripped for next car) 73 VW super beetle, porsche 912 motor (wrecked because of high speeds and rusty suspension mounts :shock: ) 76 Camaro Z28 with BB 502 (sold)

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I Am!!

Post by Byron510 » 26 Aug 2003 18:21

Name: Byron Meston
Location: New Westminster
Occupation: Machinist, 22 years
Cars: 1969 2dr Sedan
2.2L block, U67 head, Shadbolt 445 cam, 2'' exhaust, Home built EFI running SDS ECU, IR alternator, 14 lbs. lightened flywheel, Roadster clutch and disc, Roadster Intermediate Comp. trans 1:1 5th gear-uses early style 240Z bell housing, R-190 LSD with 4:44 gears, Stock front brakes(eek!), re-valved shocks, small diameter springs, camber plates, modified and re-heat treated steering arms, MG rack joints on relocated T/C rods (adjustable), 1.125'' Mack Tilton front sway bar located under front control arms with heim joint links, full monoball joints everywhere, roadster rear springs, 240Z Alm. rear drums, Fully adjustable camber and toe rear mounts all with monoball bushes, adjustable ride height custom spring pockets, 1969 SSS Coupe dash panel in otherwise stock CDN ‘68 dash, Honda pull toy seats, vintage Cibie H-4 and H-1 lights, air horns, battery located in trunk, BRE style flared fenders and BRE style spook, Yokohama 215-50 A032-R's, no heater, no carpet, no spare tire well, no ground clearance! All go no show.
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Post by dynobones » 01 Nov 2003 10:17

Jamie Sweet (boneserelli at work)
status: single no kids
occupation: 7 years Saeplast Canada Ltd, used to be Dynoplast.we do-rotational plastics molding insulated fish boxes
also recovering drug addict 22 months clean
schooling: BFA Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
car:'69 fiveten 2-door
truck:gmc 3/4 ton w/400 small block jacked up
Bike:'74 Bultaco sherpa 350 trialsHonda 550ss-blowed-up-seized
Cats; betty and marley

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Post by bigbadblum » 01 Nov 2003 16:02

Name: Shelby Shaffer
Age: 18

i have no job but i had a really nice honda that was worth alot of money, i sold it and have since spent all of that money on my 510 and im still only about half way done, who ever said the det project would be cheap.


1970 2 door. fully resotred once and now rebuilding it. with jdm s13 sr20det, a few performance parts on that, racning seats, full cage, right hand drive conversion, and many secrets you just have to wait to see.

1971 4 door. just a car i have please buy it :D . it runs and drives and but is still a project car, needs alot of work. lowered and painted like 46 bre car.

old cars:

1. 1977 k5 chevy blazer with build 350 engine, fun till i basicly exploaded the engine.

2. 1987 toyota celica gt. got it free and sold it 3 days later

3. 1971 datsun 510 intended to be a project but needed more work than i wanted to do so i sold it to a freind of mine

4. 1981 bmw 320i with e30 m3 engine squeezed in there, fun but sold it to get my honda

5.1989 honda crx si fully built with every thing possible done to it. theres info on it and pictures on this site http://www.crxsi.com/resources/album/pa ... adblum.htm

i currently dont own a car i can drive on the road so for 2 weeks im driving my uncles 99 expedition and then im drivin my dads 92 geo metro untill my 2 door is done.

in the picture the car is lowered in photoshop because i wanted to put air ride on it but descided against it, but its the only pic i have
lowered in photoshop because i wanted to put air ride on it but descided against it, but its the only pic i have
BIgBadBlum1.jpg (11.37 KiB) Viewed 3568 times


Post by p510 » 01 Nov 2003 18:45

Name: Gareth Skinner
Age: 29
Status: Girlfriend of 8 yrs
Lives: Sydney Australia.
Occupation: Selfemployed Electrician in the Automated Machinery and Bread industry. (Buisness name is THE 510 GROUP)

Cars: 1970 Datsun 1600 (510) SR20DET, road regestered
race car number plate P510

1997 Dodge Ram SS/T converted from left hand drive to right hand number plates are now TOW 510

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Post by 5teN » 02 Nov 2003 18:07

lol p510!
Nice ride(s)!!!

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Post by S15DET » 31 Aug 2007 10:20

Name: Brad Pearson
Age: 34
Status: Married w/ 2 boys, age 2 and 5, and a girl due in Dec.
Lives: Charlotte (Waxhaw actually), North Carolina
Occupation: Sr. Engineer at INA, an automotive engine component manufacturing plant

Cars: 1969 Datsun 510, street car, on-track instructing car
Porsche turbo brakes
Adjustable suspension
Misc. tricks
Project thoughts http://www.the510realm.com/PNphpBB2-vie ... r-asc.html
Project pictures http://www.the510realm.com/index.php?se ... php&page=4

Several interesting projects in the past including...
RX-7 SCCA/NASA racecar (ITS, PS1)
240SX w S15 SR20DET, 6-speed, Haltech ECU, etc.
'68 Camaro 396BB Conv.
1996 Volvo 850-R wagon, 5-speed, coil-overs, 3" exh. etc.
1970 Volvo 142S, restored, daily commuter
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Post by xlr8r » 31 Aug 2007 10:52

Justin D.
29 years of age
Married with 3 kids
SLC, Utah
Intern Architect

I have a 1993 Nissan SE-V6 4x4 pickup to get around in since I'm usually working on the Dime. I ride my bike to work everyday so the pickup does a lot of sitting as well. My cars are my toys.

The 510 is a 1972 2 door that had a KA24DE but I'm currently putting a VQ35DE in it.

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Post by Mattndew76 » 31 Aug 2007 12:08

Matthew D
31 yrs
Married with 3 Chitlins.
Lowell, Oregon.
Machinist 12yrs.


1969 2-door PL510 tub. Little front end skew. Could be fixed but im not in the mood to do it. For sale BTW.

1971 2-door PL510 Full cage, L18, Soon to have Delorto side draft 38mm carbies. Dogleg 5spd trans, Fondmetal 15" rims. (not really a mod, but they are hard to find). No spare tire well. Needs to be lowered and painted. Some fancy suspension gadgets soon to be oredered and installed.

1971 2-door PL510 Nothing in it so far. Stripped and ready for a good media blast. CA18ET and matching 5speed tranny waiting in the back of the shop. Just ordered all the tube for the cage from work. (I love employee discounts). Machined adjustable LCA's, Adjustable TCR's, waiting on the funds for a set of camber plates.

2001 Dodge Caravan

1992 Isuzu Rodeo 4" lift.

1987 Honda CRX 1.3 ltr. 50 friggen miles to the gallon!!! I love this beater.

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Post by posdriftin » 31 Aug 2007 15:22

well here is my dime in so cal ....

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Post by honsuby » 31 Aug 2007 16:55

Dallas Helbig
married with two baby girls
Location: central point oregon
ocupation: fire suppression tech.
---( the project) 70 2dr 510 with zx brake conversion all the way around, custom camber plates and slotted rear crossmember. car is totally stripped and gutted, getting ready to strip the body for sheetmetal work and hopefully replace the core support with a donor. the plan is to eventually go with a ka sr swap after i get the body and paint together.

---(the wifes car) 05 subaru wrx, hks uppipe, invidia v2 downpipe, hks hipower turbo back
exhaust, and custom access port reflash by pdx tuning in portland or.

---(my daily driver) 00 chevy silverado extended cab 4x4, 6" procomp lift, 17x8 centerline wheels, 35x12.50r17 toyo opencountry mudders
integra 3[1] (2).jpg
here was the last project....god im glad to be done with hondas

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Post by honsuby » 31 Aug 2007 16:58

the wife made me post a pic of her car :D
05 WRX.jpg

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Post by brendan » 08 Sep 2007 03:02

im Brendan curently living in Wagga Wagga NSW Australia soon to be moving to Sydney.
Now drive a 4 door 510 with a SR20DET with a couple mild mods done, have a Wagon 510 in the process of being stripped and refurbeshed.

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