Who are you ? ROLE CALL

General Discussion about the Datsun PL510
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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by XeroX » 24 Nov 2008 14:44

Name: Kelly Davis
Location: Sacramento Ca
Occuption: DMV Legal Affairs
Interest: Cars, mostly imports...Racing, Music...etc.
Cars: 71 4door LZ22 Bored out to fit KA24 Pistons, dual 44mm Mikuni Carbs, etc....
95 Nissan Maxima with a custom built Rear Mounted turbo setup, WAY too many mods too list..
I dont drink and drive, i SMOKE and FLY!

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by bbejj123 » 30 Nov 2008 22:57

Name: Brett
Local: La Crescenta/Glendale
Age: 19
Occ: Full Time Student and part time costco stocker haha
Intrests: anything with wheels and an engine

Previous Cars: 1975 BMW 2002...its now my brothers car basically all stock automatic tranny

1989 Nissan 240sx....sold it a couple months ago multiple suspension mods...tein he's camber arms tension rods inner outter tie rods all circuit sport...suspension technique sways front and back

and now my new baby 1971 Datsun 510 4 door...headers, straight pipe 15 inch rims and a nice matching blue gt grant steering wheel =)

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by Denver » 01 Dec 2008 05:13

Name: Denver Lamoureux
Local: Englehart, ON Canada
Age: 15
Occupation: Student.. School is boring as ass, college will be way better. I want to be an artist, or a mechanic, or both at the same time.
Interests: Computers, I spend 70% of my time sitting at my desk. I don't usually play games, most of my time is spent learning new things, and how things work. I'm really into art, always have been. I hope that I can put my skills to good use in the future. I am a metalhead, mainly into old thrash/death. Bash your head against the stage. Some new stuff but not much. As I said before most of my time is spent learning online (the510realm!), about cars and stuff. I love it. My dad's side of the family are heavily into the car thing, it's really cool. Old things are the best.

I don't have a car yet, but that's about to change soon. I hope. I plan on (yeah, I know) picking up a 510 soon. I have 3 years to get a job, buy one and restore it. Then I'm off to school.
Faster is gooder.

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by 510guy424 » 08 Dec 2008 10:24

Spencer Davis
conifer/fort collins, colorado
student at csu
71 2dr 510
70 2dr 510
1996 f250 7.3l
2004 jeep wrangler
both 510s currently have no motors..... the 71 had a vg30e but i am going a different direction, and the 70 is just shell i have laying around and probly need to get rid of :) i like 510s, they're pretty sweet ^_^

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by woodie » 08 Dec 2008 16:53

Troy Woodburn
Bike shop owner
71 black/silver 510
97 jetta
first time on the forms but always looking
been working on it for about a year.
Techno tunning suspension starting from scratch
lots of engine work soon to be swaped out (sr20)
Always wanted a 510 and now I got one

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by sdterrible1 » 09 Dec 2008 13:38

woodie wrote:Troy Woodburn
Bike shop owner
71 black/silver 510
97 jetta
first time on the forms but always looking
been working on it for about a year.
Techno tunning suspension starting from scratch
lots of engine work soon to be swaped out (sr20)
Always wanted a 510 and now I got one
Dude you own a bike shop? What kind, mtb, bmx, road?

Im also in the bike industry :lol:
Drive a Datsun

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by CorAce » 12 Dec 2008 13:38

Corey Shephard
Portland, Oregon
Audio/Video Tech
'70 510 project
'92 Saturn SL2 hot rod :? (don’t laugh its my DD)
I had two dimes as a kid, and then had kids of my own. Now working on my ground up restomod.
car more gooder then book

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by EENK 510 » 24 Dec 2008 08:58

Name: Brian Freda
Location: Northern, VA
Age: 22
Occupation: Tattoo apprentice
Interest: Art, Music, Cooking, Cars
Cars: 1972 Datsun 510 2 door... 1978 Datsun 280z... 1992 Nissan Sylvia are the current cars... (my 2000 Honda civic si was stolen a little bit ago, 433 hp on 16 psi....) this is my current list

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by FEASTJAPAN » 25 Dec 2008 23:27

Name: Adam Truesdale
Local: Yokohama, Japan. Originally from N.F Ontario
Age: 30
Occ: Feast Auto Group CA/JP - Director, Vintage Cars JP- Vehicle Service Staff, J-Motors Yokohama - Translator, Adam Truesdale Media-Freelance Photo Journalist

Intrests: American muscle cars, Japanese sports cars, Photography, Circuit lapping at Fuji, 0-400M drags, Cooking, Reading,

Current Machines:

1999 Model Honda Accord Wagon. Daily driver & parts hauler. Fitted with F-S-R aero & a Blitz panel filter...oh yeah!

1993 Nissan Silvia S14 Q Typs S N/A. Track car with attitude. Fitted with JIC coil overs, front/Rear Cusco toe bars, front/rear Apex tower bars, HPI engine damper, Cusco RS LSD, Impul NS-GT2's, Cusco N1 race header, Original Type Exh., Apex induction & HPI Rom tune. Still to add > Tomei Poncams, DET injectors, Z32 AFM, A/C delete, A/M radiator,

1991 Ford Mustang LX Convertible. 46,XXX unmolested kilometers, all original foxy machine.

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by мг.пιѕмο™ » 04 Jan 2009 04:23

I am the guy from the 2nd post, on page 1.

Lets see... that was on Mon Aug 18, 2003. WOW it's been a long time!
I'm still the same guy. Same car. ZX-Turbo wheels, L20B/5sp/LSD, interior, still need a windscreen :^)

Hey all!
Steve Boatman
71 2DR | L20B | 5sp | LSD
Grants Pass, Oregon


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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by organizedchaos » 06 Jan 2009 03:56

Tom Kamuela

"Wishin I Had a 510"

1. 2003 Mini Cooper "S"
2. 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer
3. 2007 Honda Civic

I've owned many vehicles and have always preferred the Old School Muscle...
Having a Little Chaos and being able to control it is unmistakenly the Nicest feeling next the Big "O"....

For Now, I'm Simply a Fan..., An Artist, a Spectator....
And a Good Thing Too...

Because I will one day give the car a name. A name that it may not desire.
Driving a car that can deliver entertainment is hard to find especially with today's technology....
Today's Technology takes away the entertainment.......

The Old School 510 Redelivers It.

~Going Fast is Only Half the Battle~
~Keep It Straight Young Man~

~Organized Chaos~

my 510 "project"
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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by James » 06 Jan 2009 19:34

James Henry
Laguna Beach, Ca. USA
39 (almost 40 - time for another sports car!)
Home designer, Father, Husband
Interests: Surfing, Music, Carpentry, Cars
1972 510 2 door, 2004 Passat, 2001 Eurovan

My current 510 I bought 2 1/2 years ago - bone stock auto car. I have since dropped in my L16(1800 internals, su's etc.) and z speed from my previous 510 that had to be sold due to serious rust issues. Car will just be a fun cruiser, but hope to upgrade the suspension over the next year - keeping the car driveable as I go. I have had at least one 510 in my family since 1971 when my parents bought one - great fun!
Finished is better than perfect......

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by Jables » 12 Jan 2009 13:10

Name: Justin
Local: Birmingham, AL
Age: 25
Occ: Sales/Tech Support for aftermarket clutch manufacturer
Intrests: Anything automotive related period.

1972 Datsun 510. Stripped down to nothing when i got it. Trying to piece it back together a little at a time.


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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by flooredshaggs » 15 Jan 2009 04:44

Name: Cale (shaggs)
Location: Port Angeles, Wa.
Age: 26
Status: married
Occupation: Asphalt maintenince/ IT tech

Project: 1977 620 KC
DD: was a 73 620 soon to be my 4 door 510


soon to be new daily

parts shell

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by Super X » 27 Jan 2009 06:43

Name: Mario A. Walker
Local: Miami, Florida
Age: 23
Occupation: Aviation Industry
Interests: Nostoalgic/Vintage/Era related transportation (cars, planes, bikes, ect..) mixed modern refinement.
2008.5 Mazdaspeed3 GT (daily driver)- Completely stock..
1972 Datsun 510 2dr (full on project car)- Alot of plans on paper, but currently in the tear down phase. Build should start something in the early spring....hopefully :?

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