Who are you ? ROLE CALL

General Discussion about the Datsun PL510
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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by dyl510 » 09 Jun 2009 14:49

New here, just picked up my 510 and signed up for the forum the other day, thought I would intro myself...

Name: Dylan
Local: North Delta, Vancouver BC, Canada
Age: 20
Occ: Parts Guy


1972 Datsun 510, 2Dr, Red
Daily driver/project

1990 5.0L Mustang
Donut toy

1932 Original Ford 5 Window Coupe
Mega Rat-Rod Project! 3/4 Done

1956 Mercury Meteor 2 Door Wagon
Past daily driver/project
For sale!

I'm pretty new to Nissans... or any imports for that matter, but enjoying it so far

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by brainfood » 11 Jun 2009 21:50

Heyo I am new here. Joined a while ago but just finally got started on the new car this week so figured I would post.

I am a driver, I have been professionally scca licensed and drive as much as money will allow. I also do all of my own work and try to do things as legit as possible.

My race car



I owned a 510 when I was 18, a '68 4 door with a mildly built l16 and dual webber dcoe40's I loved that car so much and even though this new project is just starting and the car needs a lot of work I still love it already. 510's are so much fun to drive even if they arent fast they are just so much fun!

New project
'72 coupe.


I will post updates on my blog of the car as I work on it and of course my race car and other shit that happens in my life.



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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by retlaw808 » 14 Jun 2009 01:46

Name: Walter
Location: Honolulu, HI
Age: 34
Occ: Electrician

Aloha from Hawaii! Here's my '72 510 4dr. Sold my sr'd '92 240sx to buy this with a little help from TJ (Yenpit) THANKS!
more pics can be found here http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=11108


My daily driver '05 Infiniti G35 coupe
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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by goatee » 28 Jul 2009 11:57

Never did fill this in so here we go
Name: Scott
Local: Center of America Beloit Kansas
Age: 31
Occ: network geek
Intrests: About any "different' vehicle, IH Scouts, outdoors, family etc

1973 510 L20b, weber 32/36, headers, 5 speed, fiberglass flared from fenders, riveted/screwed and generally hideous rear flares, bucket seats.

1979 Scout II in the middle of a full width swap

1961 Scout 80. Working on getting it running then it will be a sort of mild restore back to stock

2005 highlander as the daily driver

Past cars include 82 Audi Coupe (not a quattro) pretty rare, lots of fun old lady killed it.
73 beetle, rusty, abused it like a pickup. It took everyone of my beatings until I turned in front of an f510. He got towed, I drove it back to work.
69 baja bug smoked like a wild fire
260z 2+2 I deemed unsafe for the road (and you would have too) so I parted it with much sorrow and lamenting and gnashing of teeth.
and a bunch of boring ones.
Is my dime pretty rough? yep Could it use an owner with a little more mechanical expertise? yeah probably. Does it look like every other beige sedan in the parking lot? No sir it doesnt.

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by bombsquad » 15 Sep 2009 07:11

Name: Steve
Local: Georgia, USA
Age: 43
Occ: Telecommunications

Cars: Several 510's over the past few decades. I currently own a 71 4 door. Here is a crappy pic, I'll try to find a better one.


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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by m33pm33p » 29 Oct 2009 22:09

Hi there, new member from Coquitlam BC, names John

Just picked up a 69 2 door 510 from the states, former race car with flares and a roll bar, no motor/trans/rear but that will shortly turn into a nissan v6/sr or gulp a vortec chevy v6. I'll post pics when I get home.

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by TheProcess » 12 Jan 2010 17:43

Name: Rudy
Local: Texas, USA
Age: 27
Occ: Computer Technician

Cars: 1965 Lincoln Continental, 1966 Volvo, 1974 MG, 1986 FZX Fazer 700, 1993 BMW 325i, 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt, 5/1972 Datsun 510 Wagon

Hello all i just got my long awaited for 510 i would have liked a 2 door but the wagon will do. It sat for quite a long time in my neighbors property but i have some nice plans for this thing!


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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by jk26 » 14 Feb 2010 16:12

Name: Justin Kirtos
Location: Currently deployed, Stationed in Lemoore, CA
Occupation: Aviation Structural Mechanic
Age: 26
Kids: None that i know of... but i my current girlfriend wants one.

Car: Currently a beater 98 Acura CL sitting in my garage at home waiting for me to get back. Also waiting for me to get back is a 72 510 with a 12a swap i shall be purchasing! Prior include a 92 Honda Civic hatch: intake,header,exhaust ,short throw, full suspension work, 18" Volk Racing c2 , intentions on B18swap with turbo setup then sold it, 99 Honda Civic Si:intake, header, exhaust, short throw, lowered on coilovers, full leather two tone interior, CF lip, CF hood, turbo setup in work before i left for Navy, sold while in boot camp. 95 VW Jetta GLS: no mods, great winter beater in Ohio!

I used to skate alot in comps in OH, PA, NV,CA back in high school and then graduated to be recruited into the Navy. Been in CA since 03' and love it. Just recently re-enlisted for 3 more years to do a shore duty tour in Lemoore.

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by dmonares » 23 Apr 2010 07:14

jk26 wrote:Name: Justin Kirtos
Location: Currently deployed, Stationed in Lemoore, CA
Occupation: Aviation Structural Mechanic
Age: 26
Kids: None that i know of... but i my current girlfriend wants one.
I was an AMS(CSAR) attached to HCS-5 in Pt.Magu CA.

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by dmonares » 23 Apr 2010 07:23

Name: Dennis
Location: Dallas, TX
Age: 38
Occupation: Adult Bookstore Booth Cleaner

Been into 510's for 24 years back when I was 14. I currently do not have one but I am looking. Here is what I have or had:

1973 SR20DET Powered 4 door, almost finished but relocated to Dallas TX for my job and didnt want to take it.

1971 4 door, picked this up from a cornfield out of Waco, someone on here picked it up from a guy that I sold it too. I sold this because the house we bought had foundation problems (like so many do out here) so we sold it and moved into an apartment. We are getting ready to get a new house in an area that is less prone to foundation problems.

2005 Evolution VIII, 500+ hp kind of boring, sold it cause it had no character.

Currently I have no projects and am going back to my true love, the 510.

little beast
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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by little beast » 30 Sep 2010 09:51

Name, mike grant Location, visalia CA, Age, 49, Occupation, Aircraft detailer, Appartment manager, Martial arts instructor, iI have a datsun 521, has l20b motor,headers cam,other mild mods by troy ermish, 5 speed trans, lowered, once all interior is done, doin an engine swap, to ka24, then piant and along the way, getin ride of bugs, lol

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by Grajeda » 01 Oct 2010 10:57

name: Rene Grajeda
location: Sacramento, Cali
occupation: ARC community college student/Work in family businees is renting party supplies
car: Daily Driver 1971 Datsun 510 4dr, L20, 280zx 5 speed.
plans: save up money to put a KA24DE, slam it with hellaflush :D

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by NICKLE&DIME » 16 Feb 2011 00:08

Hello All!

Name is Anthony from Northern California 36 years old but still a kid at heart, I work for a hospital and am a student, family man. I own a 1970 510 that was produced in 11/69, with the later features, such as plastic pillar vents, and big side markers, rust. My uncle had 4 68 two doors and a few later year 510's in the 80's. (all the 68's were white with black or red interior). I have been to a many 510 meets in Shasta, and Canby,(my wife enjoys that trip) and I would often tell my brother how to build his, to the point, where I just needed to get my own. My wife now dislikes my brother who helps a lot with the car, and she says I have a obsession with Datsun 510's. I would like to restore two 2 doors, and 1 wagon... I can fit 3 in the garage if I put the dryer and washer outside. I will be sticking with the L-series for a long time, as I want to drive my car, and keep it on the road ( I have to budget my time accordingly as school and life things happen) I already did an engine swap; l20 with su's and a 5 speed. I will post pics soon and start a thread. I have met some very nice people, Every moment that I drive my car, I get a thumbs up! My build will consist of L series, very mild, engine/suspension upgrades. I have driven 510 with SR's and Ka twin and single, and although very impressive, I still enjoy the sound of an L-series with dual carbs roaring through the tunnel........... 8)

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by Umtali » 18 Feb 2011 14:54

Name: Joao Freire
Local: Oporto, Portugal
Age: 50
Occp: Computer Technician

1971 Colt Galant (RHD - ex-Mozambique)
1971 510 Deluxe - (RHD - ex-Mozambique)
1971 510 Wagon (ex-Angola)
1973 Datsun 1200 Van (for sale)
1977 Datsun 140Y GX Excellent (RHD - ex-SA)
1983 Toyota Corolla TE71 (RHD - ex-SA)
1994 Toyota RAV4 (LPG - daily drive)
1996 Toyota Previa (ex Japanese Embassy - Portugal)

Born and bred in Africa always lived around Datsuns. Passion for cars but especially Japanese models. Started in the restore business 6 years ago. Board member of local old Japanese car club.

I would like to pay tribute to my son whose birthday is today, accompanied me on several Historic Rallies but cannot help me at the moment as he is living in Switzerland right now...
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WPL510 - PL510 SSS - P520 - KPB210 - B10

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by rider86k » 19 Feb 2011 08:44

Name: Kenny Johnson
Location: Idaho Falls, ID (for now)
Age: 29
Occupation: Student
Cars: 69 Datsun 510 four door, L20B, 280z 5 speed. Daily driver
1970 Chevy Pickup 2wd with 350 small block, vortec heads, forged pistons and rods.
I grew up in Montana. I love old American and Japanese cars. I am going to school to get my batchelors in Automotive Business Management. I am looking for a CA18DET to swap into my 510 and plan to do a lot more to the car.

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