Who are you ? ROLE CALL

General Discussion about the Datsun PL510
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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by twicecustom » 06 Apr 2011 20:30

Name- Benjiman
Location- North Dakota
Age- 26
Occupation- Machinist
Cars- Way to many to list, But starting, 72 510 wagon, '26 rat rod, International R120 PU, Audi 90cs. and many more....
About- I grew up with cheap cars that I had to work on every other day to keep them going, that is my experience, Have a great family with 3 kids, I have a nice collection of guns and am very proficent with them all, my fav is my sweet sixteen AR15. I get excessive with my hobbies and never seem to have time to finish anything (thats what my wife tells me) I do Vinyl Decals and have a lil screenprinting setup. My brothers drive nice expensive fast cars, examples of there cars, STI, Solstice GXP, Srt4 Stage 4. But I like my cars that I can beat down the gravel and haul my guns in, Like my Focus wagon, Shes a beast... Plus with my brothers cars I can beat the crap out of them and I dont have the payments!. I Love snowmobiling, and ride in the flatland, I have a M7 162 because I dont like getting stuck. I help out friends any time I can and sometimes they take advantage of me, but im just a nice guy I guess..... Anything else just ask.

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by DimeAttack » 11 Apr 2011 22:19

Name: Tallis Stevenson
Location: Victoria B.C.
Age: 37
Occ: Auto shop teacher
Family: Beautiful wife and 3 lovely kids (7, 5 1/2, 4 1/2,)

Project Cars:

1972 2 door 510 (Pick it up in September 2010) I got it for cheap and there's no rust! :lol: well I can show you a couple of spots where there is no rust. I've wanted a 510 since I was in grade 10 and I got my license, now, several years later I have it!! It's got lowish miles, automatic :cry: and a mint (condition) interior. I've got the luxury of a shop to work on it in, so everything that comes off gets cleaned and painted before it goes back on. I've got a sweet 'glass hood and trunk (with duckbill spoiler), and I picked up a pair of 'glass front fenders to replace the rusty originals. I've got lots of urethane bushings, 280ZX front struts with lowered spring hats, footprint gas pedal :D and H4 conversion lights in the front. Motor and tranny swap are in the future, but I'd just like to drive it for a bit first!

1960 Morris Minor (this was my very first car,this actual car!) I got this for my 16th birthday with the original 998cc engine. Now it has a bored out 1275 to 1330cc (the POWER!!), Integra buckets, a gauge package, drop blocks in the back, lowered torsion bars in the front, hot rod black paint with green wheels. It's pretty awesome, but again, for a car that is 50 years old it does have a fair bit of rust. As soon as the 510 is running, I'll look at de-rusting this one.

1979 GMC VanDura. Awesome. 400ci V8. 2nd owner. 1 tonne running gear, and I'm gonna put flames on it, because really, why not! Rusty but trusty, it always goes, provided I have dumped in sufficient fuel, and I can haul almost anything.

That's it for now!
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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by MCMLXXXV » 13 Nov 2013 15:21

Name: Mathieu
Location: Quebec Canada
Occuaption: lot of things.... im basicaly a sale rep for an auropart store but I have a autobody repair formation and I do All my mechanics by myself. And when I mean all... its really everything from the oil change to a stupid swap ... im not afraid to go in . Only thing missing is time ...

I weld good and strong but nothing fancy .. I also have acces to a machine shop to make parts and repair some and im a good painter but I hate to sand bondo ....

I like almost everything related with cars ... I had 47 cars already and all of them survived me except my kp61 and may subaru and they both died on a racetrack. Bought my first datsun last year in a good to wreck condition and will probably have it on the road next summer if everything goes as planned. Will not be my last for sure , next project is a 240Z .

Pleased to help if I can . But for now big thx to all of you here ! I always find answers to my questions :)

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by blkssncpt » 13 Feb 2014 13:03

Name: Robert
Local:Compton, Ca.
Age: 27
Occ: Warehouse Manager, nothing special.

71 510 4 door, still putting together. Stock l16 rebuilt, bored out .030, got the engine harness redone since one of the previous owners hacked it to hell. currently working on the timing since i switched from points to a dizzy, besides that just need a bunch of bolts and screws to get it on the road.

08 GMC Sierra Denali, currently completely stock. it's a 6.2(factory claimed 403 hp) with a 6 speed behind so i'll get an intake swap out the shitty muffler for a nice magnaflow tint the windows and get it tuned, don't wanna go crazy with it since its my daily. just need it to be really reliable but a little fun.

First Vehicle: fully loaded 06 Silverado SS, full bolt-ons, gutted cats, true dual 3" exhaust exiting behind both rear tires, built tranny, custom tune, small sound system, tint, black suede headliner, really fun truck while it lasted! it was stolen just over a year ago :(, bought brand new off the lot with 19 miles on it.

really need to focus on getting my 510 running, bought it Sept 2012 as a birthday gift to myself. I've done as much as possible by myself but this has been my first big project. I've helped friends with their cars but nothing this extensive. i have a buddy that's been doing the body work on it in exchange for storing his 54 Chevy in my backyard, pretty good deal if you ask me.

here are a few pics:


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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by mattyhacks71 » 04 May 2014 19:09

Name: Matt
Location: Victoria BC
Age: 18
Occupation: Lube Tech
Interests: Cars-Vintage Datsun/Nissan and Toyotas, 60s/70s GM trucks, Model A/'32 Fords, old VWs.
Cars: '91 Mazda B2200 lowered 3 inches
'70 Datsun 510, 4 door, column shift auto, 83k original miles, tan exterior, brown interior, '87 200sx turbo front struts and brakes, 3rd gen Camero rear shocks, stock rear coils (cut), 14 inch Z wheels, 185/60 front and 195/60 rear.


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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by pgomes » 04 Jun 2014 20:14

Name: Patrick
Location: San Diego, CA
Age: 32
Occupation: City Employee
Ride: 1971 Datsun 510 wagon w/KA24E swap. Purchased about 2 months ago and new to the world of Datsun.
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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by dan_the_man » 18 Dec 2014 18:51

Name: Dan
Age: 46
Occupation: self employed/paintless dent removal
Interests: family, friends and cars of all kinds
I have been in my field of work since 1992 and am blessed with a great client base. I drive lots of miles but very worth it. The last number of years have had me working on collector cars that I will never be able to afford. I live vicariously through my clients. Hoping to have the time to finish my wagon project sooner than later, but customers come first.
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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by vballcoach » 22 Mar 2015 17:53

Name: Jolen
Age: 46
Occupation: Stock Clerk 27yrs Airlines / Volleyball Coach 26yrs
Interests: Family First, Coaching Jr Volleyball, Hotwheels customizing, Datsuns and Nissans
I would like to relive my days of past of owning another Datsun 510 as I had 3 in high school. I even like the thought of owning a wagon or 520 maybe.

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by PeePee » 04 Jul 2015 03:18

Name: Pekka
Location: Finland
Age: 52
Occupation: Technical director
Interests: Car (& mcycle) restorations, volleyball (40 years at all levels except national team), golf, fishing
Rides: 1970 510 4door, 1972 510 FIA homologated rally car, group II, 1970 Triumph TR6, 1986 Audi Coupe GT, 1939 Jawa Robot, 1964 CZ Sport.

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by 510longroof » 24 Jul 2015 13:38

Wow, people are still posting to this thread. I read it a long time ago so maybe I should add to it.

Name: Frank James. (first and middle)
Location: Hamilton Ontario in the Great White North.
Age: 50 but that is always changing.
Occupation: Maintenance Technician. Currently in television broadcast engineering.
Previous Occupation: Level III Industrial Maintenance Technician. Qualex Canada. Wholely owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak USA. I witnessed and was a part of the death of film bittersweet ending to something great. Got paid out in 2009 before the real collapse.
I used to be in film but now I'm in tv.
Currently own a 510 with a longroof, a roadster project and a Honda motorcycle project. I have the remains of 3 cars and a motorcyle stashed away in the basement along with many new and NOS parts. Hoarder of all things Datsun.
71 510 wagon
67.5 1600 roadster project
74 CB360T project
I was in film, then television and now radio.

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by bertvorgon » 24 Jul 2015 15:36

Welcome to the site, another Canuck to boot!

I too lived the death if film, in all media, as the use of silver has totally declined in the industry. My company purchased the Eastman Kodak Rochester plant a few years ago.

http://www.kitco.com/ind/Albrecht/2014- ... ilver.html
"Racing makes heroin addiction look like a vague wish for something salty" - Peter Egan

Keith Law
1973 2Door Slalom/hill climb/road race / canyon carver /Giant Killer 510
1968 Vintage 3HP Mini Bike
1971 Vintage 13' BOLER trailer

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by 510longroof » 24 Jul 2015 18:07

That's cool. We always wondered what happened with the TMT sludge we used to ship back to Rochester by the gooey ton. We couldn't imagine how that nasty liquid full of lumpy yellow silver-bearing turds could be made into ingots again. That was before we went the electroplating route for desilvering the chemistry. Kodak was still huge back in those days around 1998-2000. Then the slippery slope began. It was quite the ride that's for sure.

I've been around a while but haven't posted much. Shift work is now eating into much of my free time lately as well as travel. Travel for pleasure that is. The need to get away and reset the mind has been very strong in the last few years.
71 510 wagon
67.5 1600 roadster project
74 CB360T project
I was in film, then television and now radio.

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by vineychoy » 21 Dec 2015 15:36

I'm a 69 Roadster owner from two years ago in Vancouver, BC. I picked up the car in Seattle and towed it back. Since then, I've rebuilt the transmission, entire interior of the car and got it running smoothly. THis winter's project will be swapping in a FS5W71B from a diesel datsun truck and stroking the R16 motor to R20 using Nissan forklift parts.
If all goes well, I may head to Canby next year.
Prior projects include 54 Cadillac, 60 THunderbird, 67 Ford Falcon, 68 CHevy Van, 69 Mg Midget, 85 Chevy S10 truck.


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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by five&dime » 29 Sep 2016 05:13

Hey guys!!! Long time no see!

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Re: Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Post by Ozzy510 » 03 Jan 2017 15:15

Name: Oswaldo Quiroga aka Ozzy
Location: Texas
Age: 510-474
Married and proud paren of two awesome girls!

Cars: Geez this will take a while so here we go

Daily: 1997 Mercedes S600 coupe v12

Wife: 2004 corolla 5spd, 2007 Odyssey

Datsuns: 1971 510 2 door, 1971 240z series 1, 1978 280z "Black Pearl", 1978 280z

Mercedes-Benz: 1987 560SL, 1984 380SL, 1980 450SL, 1979 450SLC, 1975 450SLC, 1972 280SE 4.5 (3), 1972 280SEL 4.5, 1970 300SEL 6.3, 1962 300SE, 1971 300SEL 4.5, 1979 450SEL 6.9 (3), 1975 280S

VW: 1972 Karmann Ghia coupe, 1974 Karmann Ghia coupe

1962 Land Rover series 2A safari 109" wheelbase

Ocupation: Shop Foreman and Master certified Mercedes-Benz tech

Need to make time to dial in my 510 and get it ready for the next Porsche Club of America autocross event where the last time it placed 1st with a lap time of 61.987, beating a 2012 Boss Mustang 302 full spec gt2 racecar. Need to install dual webers and see how the clutch will hold up. Might need new clutch soon. My goal is to beat a z06 corvette that set a lap time of 60.118, but did not show up on the last event. Greetimgs to everyone!!!

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