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Who are you ? ROLE CALL

Posted: 18 Aug 2003 15:23
I saw this on another forum and thought it was cool. Tell us your name, car, local, mods. I just noticed a bunch of new people and was thinking we should all get acquainted. Ill get it started......

Name: Dustin
Local: White Rock B.C.
Age: 20
Occ: Cook......and looking for better work in trades
Intrests: old Japanese Imports

1972 510 2 door..... red, 280zx rims, Z20E swap, Coil overs, roll cage and 5 point harneses. Theres more but I cant remember. Plan on useing this car for rally's but havent had any dates to go yet to get started.

1985 Toyota Corolla GTS (AE86).......silver, stock pie cutters for now, had this car for a week and blew the head gasket, still getting it back together. MODs. TRD header, TRD head gasket, Air filter, removed power steering, fan and EGR, costom catch can, head shaved 10 thou, new timing belt. Comming from japan I have a set of TODA cams and gears, and a TODA exhuast. Much more to come....but Toyota's arnt cool anyways....

SOLD.....1969 510 4 door....Stock, went to CAM

1951 need of retoration

1953 Cadilac......parked years ago and needs a resto as well

Posted: 18 Aug 2003 18:13
by Boaty
Name: Steve Boatman
Locale: Grants Pass, Oregon
Age: 16
Occupation: Currently no job, however it's in the works and I'm looking. Hopefully get a job in automotive and/or contruction, depends on what's availiable. May get into auto-body repair, etc.
What I'm Good At: Well mostly computers, as opposed to cars as some of you may think. I first started out with a Windows 3.11 machine, which I learned how to type. Since then, working with chat and talking to peeps over MSN, minor school help, ofcourse, I've gotten over 290 WPM on a max-speed burst test (20 seconds). Average on that test was 184 WPM. On a one minute test, I was running averages of 90 to 160, depending on what sort of words they throw at me. That was last year, though, before I dropped out of highschool (freshman year...). Now I doubt I could type that, but I hope my typing skills will last long enough for me to get a job! Now that computer jobs are a lost prospect, I think I may get into manual labor (damnit!). Other than that, I live a fairly simple life. I have a nice home-audio system (for being a shelf system, anyways...) and I have a fairly good (yet slow) computer. I have my dime, (info below!) that I'm currently working on and hope to get restored as much as possible. I'm also reading different stuff on cars, mechanical and electrical mainly, but I'm trying to get into something more specific, like carbueration and fuel injection, or maybe exhaust systems. I've given up on automotive electrical systems... too damned complicated! Have you seen the wiring harness on a 2003 Chevy Silverado? It's 2" thick, 3" in parts where there are a lot of distrubution to be had. Yuck.

1971 Datsun 2-Door Primered Gray. L16 engine. Alloy directional rims (don't know what the name of them is). New rear view mirror. Milky windshield, some rust in the floor pan. New carpet (custom, not a kit, and incomplete at that!) The entire car is totally stock, except for some guages we slapped in to replace the crappy idiot lights. No tach. :( The door-locks do not work, and, there is no outter window trim, either. Currently substituting with a nice 4-door set of trim. ^_^

I plan to transform this ugly duckling into a silver w/ black - or - white racing stripes, and some nice panasport rims. Tinted glass, flared fenders, and a nice full insulation kit to eliminate those nasty road noises. Driving lights in the front, possibly a new front bumper. Plan to do a nice stereo installation, probobly a component set up with a nice set of subs.

Now, as far as my engine, it's probobly going to get a nice L20B swap, with dual SU's. Possibly an overduration camshaft, Flowmaster exhaust, and a flex-fan to keep her running cooler. As always, it'll be nice and powder-coated, with complimentary polishing here and there.

I plan to make it my daily driver/restoration. That's just about it, for now.
( See Pics in the Gallery! )
( See more Info on the car! )

PS: I purposely forgot to attatch my pic! You'll have to ask me with a damned good reason to see me!

Posted: 18 Aug 2003 18:52
by D510
Name: Mark Churko
Locale: Coquitlam, BC
Age: 15
Occupation: McDonalds (Grill Bitch)

1973 BRE 510 Model, first silver then red now black.

Looking for a real car, pritty much any 2dr or 4dr will do. that isn't TO rusty.

Posted: 18 Aug 2003 19:34
by 5teN
Name: Spencer
Location: Tsawwassen, BC
Age: 19
Occupation: Student, p/t at dads garage

1972 510 Wagon: (Bought Oct. 02)
-VG30e w/ 200sx intake plenum, custom intake, re-worked water neck and heater pipes/hoses, Griffen Aluminum Radiator and 5 spd (installed with Experimental engineerings kit). EFI with VW surge tank, modified wagon tank, 5/16" lines
- Shortened 280zx struts w/VW inserts. Porterfield pads. Coilovers w/ 225 lb/in springs, adjustable lower control arms, quickor sway bar, T/C kit, Idler arm kit, bumpsteer spacers
-2" lowering blocks with KYB shocks (for lincoln continetial!) 240Z finned drums
-15x6 Turbo Swastika wheels with 195/50/15 Kumho Ecsta 712's
-13x7 Libra clones with FAT hoosier slicks (OMG it looks soo sweet!)
More work is in progress!...

1972 Flared 2 door
-Uhmm got this when i was 15...tore it all down...fixed rust/new floors got some bodywork done. Built "penultimate rear crossmember" and rear 280zx caliper mounts. (for 4 wheel disc brakes). It has sat idle for a long time...Plans for this now look like a race/autoX/fun car type thing.

1972 NON flared 2-door
-I bought this because it was (CHEAP). I think it was july '01? The reason i was looking for another was becuase i didnt want to invest $$$ into a paint job on the flared car...(fibreglass etc...) And I think i like to unflared look better. It was stripped right down when I got it, no glass, hood, fenders (DOH!) but it is from california and is very solid. I never did much work to it...sits idle...awaiting for me to have more time and more money!

Uhmm other cars...1984 300zx - wrecked, got for engine etc. (THANks Glen!)
Jon Braunstiens old yellow 4 was wrecked and he had pretty much stripped most things from it. I got a few useful things (even though i havent used them for the 3 years i've had them!)

*shutters* I had a camaro for probably uhmm 2 or 3 was together and i drove it to school/work etc. As much as i hated it...i have to admit it was quite fun at times. (still glad its gone). I sold it in October of '02, right after I bought the wagon.

Well..thats that!


Posted: 18 Aug 2003 19:42
by Nickel-n-Dimer
Murray Smith
Westbank, B.C.
Sawmill worker
Family man with 2 great kids, Girl-3-Mackenzie, Boy-1-Austin
Dog Diezel
1968 Datsun 510
2.2 ltr bored 40 over with flat tops, 2 ltr head with Z valves, shad bolt cam, nissan comp intake with rubber isolators, duel mikuni 44's 200sx electronic ignition, 2 1/4 exaust, 280 5 speed, r160 posi, aluminum drums at the rear, assortment of rims( '84 Z wheels,'83 Z turbo wheels, '81 Z turbo wheels, old school Duke's of hazzard style rims, 200sx turbo wheels),'83 Z turbo hood scoop, '73 dash, 240Z seats..In bad need of paint!

1984 Nissan Maxzima
280zx motor,2 1/2" exaust,280zx 5 speed Conversion, Z wheels (borrowed from the 510).

1983 Nissan Maxima
stock engine, auto tranny,(for sale)

Posted: 18 Aug 2003 21:34
by ///FiveOneOh
Name: Cam Bonner
Coquitlam BC
Brian Jessel Lot staff
Dog DATTO! (drive it into the dogs head! its Datto! not Bella (shudder) )

1969 510 4 door Blue (Name...)
Currently sitting with a KA24E siting beside it.. I should really drop that in...

1968 4 door white (Name...)
Stock... umm yup.. D slot mags.. and stock...

1972 510 wagon (sold) (LUCIFER)
Hells wagon... yup...

Posted: 18 Aug 2003 22:57
by ajen68510
Name : Andrew Jennings
Locale : Squamish
Age : 42

cars: 1971 240Z, completed summer of 2001. stock 2.4, dual Su's, full roll cage, 4 point seatbelts. Custom interior done by Ben Ray in North Van. Sony/ Phoenix gold stereo system. Currently my 18yo son drives this car for daily driver. 1998, Viper Yellow, with Viper pearl blue Riken mesh mags.

1973 Datsun 240z, currently in rebuild stage, replaced all floorboards, both rear quarters, parts of the front inner fenders, battery tray, rear inner fenders, and tail light panel. All pieces manufactured by myself and buddy Graham, Except rear quarters (parts car)

1968 Datsun 510 4dr. Currently in body work mode. Just replaced both rear quarters, tail light panel, and lower rear valance. Rockers are next week hopefully.
Lowered 2.5 inches, front 280zx shortened struts, with KYB's, rear KYB's with Specialty engineering springs. Camber not corrected yet, waiting for new quarters to be finished, then rolled to clear tires.
Honda Prelude seats, custom console from 75 Datsun king cab. Custom guages (neon blue, looks very trick at night)
Killer stereo system, RBH in wall 8ohm speakers on rear deck. Infinity componant 4" in front kickpanals (i made custom enclosures) 2 Phoenix Gold amps, Custic crossover, 2 Phoenix gold 1Fared capacitors. Kenwood CD stacker/Tape player, mounted in glove box
110 amp internally reg altenator, with lead sealed battery.
currently L-16, with Rabbit Aluminum rad. Shortly upgrading to L-20B
Subaru LSD (awesome in the coners)

Posted: 19 Aug 2003 18:00
by shorty
Name: Jen Alaggia
Location: Coquitlam, B.C.
Age: 18
Wendy's Drive-Thru Bitch
Dog: Datto
Cars: Cam's '68 510 4dr (Whitey!)
Skillz: I am grammatically precise

Posted: 19 Aug 2003 21:33
by 68Datsun510
Name: Cody Mould (pronounced like mold, everyone says moold around here)

Location: Placerville, California

Age: 18 in 1 month

Albertsons Bagger/Janitor (manager fired janitors, and made baggers into them)

Car: 1968 4 door, 6 spoke z wheels, L16 w/ isky csam, dual weber 40's, Z pistons, nismo spray bar, race style sump on oil pan, 1" sway bar in front, 3/4" in back, koni springs, z drums, zx discs (soon), dogleg tranny, scooby rear end, H4 lights (soon) primer/white/rust paint job, SW tachfrom the 60's (bit of nostalgia), unknown buckets, optional rust package.

1982 Datsun 720, PRIME 15x8.5 wheels, 235/75R15 tires, flowmaster 40 series, KN filters, stock other than that, cali says no to modifying SMOG engines

Posted: 19 Aug 2003 22:09
by jovial_cynic
Name : Josh Culley
Locale : Olympia WA
Age : 25
Occupation : Ambulance Dispatcher, full-time student


Clean 71 Datsun 510 shell, waiting for motor install. Just a shell - no interior at all. I currently have the engine hoist on another project. Installing the Z22e motor, and doing researching turbo charging it w/ the T3 turbo from an 84 300zx turbo.

Rusty 71 Datsun 510, full interior, rust holes EVERYWHERE, although all the mechanical parts are good. I'm using this as a total parts car - pulling EVERYTHING and keeping it in storage for "emergency" usage.

Nasty 83 Datsun Maxima (81), getting towed away VERY soon. I'm using this for a possible rear-end swap (pulling the R180 out of it) for when I start pumping put the Z22e on the clean 510.

Sweet 79 Kawasaki 400LTD motorcycle - bought it for $165, and all it needed was a new battery and a few fuses. Started up right away after the battery swap, and i've been driving it around ever since.

Posted: 20 Aug 2003 00:57
by rnorrish
NAME :: richard norrish
AGE :: 23
LOCATION :: edmonton, ab & chilliwack, bc
OCCUPATION :: student, cad operator, artist
CAR :: 1970 datsun 510 4 door sedan
:: L18 motor, unknown internals, shadbolt 445 cam
:: weber dgv carburator, electronic ignition, msd coil and wires
:: 2'' exhuast w/ flowmaster 50 series, 1600 manifold & y-pipe
:: zx transmission w/ .75 od, 4.11:1 R180
:: 14x6 zx 6-spoke wheels, yokohama A520 195/60-14
:: zx front discs & calipers, koni d-type shocks
:: custom front coil-overs & camber plates, 250# springs
:: cut stock rear springs
:: energy suspension modified TC bushings & sway bar bushings
:: fiberglass flared front fenders, air dam
:: stickers

Posted: 21 Aug 2003 10:02
by DannyQ
Dan Quenneville
Ottawa, Ontario
age: 30

1972 Datsun 510 2 door, Was l-16/auto, red in color 32000 miles on the clock.
Was originally purchased in Ottawa, The name on the title is from the original "little old lady" (wasn't so old when she bought it)

Have owned lots of 720's 620's Z cars But this is my first dime. Have wanted one for a long time..

But around here most old Datsun return to the earth from which they came...(god dammed salt!!!!)

Jumped on the chance to get this one when I found it.
The car sat in my neighbors barn from nov 1999 to march 2003, while I pieced together the necessary parts to fix (also became a father twice in the meantime kinda slowed things down a little)\
Met a cool Guy in Calgary,Tim Bindle, He sold me some relatively decent steel front fenders, valance, front bumper. I had purchased original complete "new" never installed L-R rear quarter panels and rockers from a guy here in Ottawa, but only needed one rocker when body work time came.( sold the quarters to a guy in Toronto to finiance body job)

Anyhoo, a few months later, The car now sports 4 wheel discs(280zx) front and rear sway bars 3/4 rear 1" front, all new bushings, slotted rear crossmember, reversed 1969 front crossmember, suzuki swift turbo seats,a nice 1978 corvette candy blue base clear paint with the required BRE stripes (done by mixing a silver/gold pearl in the clear)which are only visible when the car is sideways.(he-he) :D lowered approx 2"
In the process of completing the install of a 1990 ka24e motor trans etc.... Still sorting out oil pan issues....

Would Love to hear from anybody who's done this swap...
Anybody else in my neck of the woods???

Will post some pics once I get the sizing worked out.

Posted: 22 Aug 2003 08:40
by Ratsun
Name: Jamie Woods

Residence: Powell River B.C. soon to be comox.

Ocupation: Foreman Modern Windows and Siding:

Kids: one Keegan(6)

Girlfriend: Kristy

Hobbies: Working on my car dh mountain biking.

Car: 72 510 2.2 litre of unknown internals 50 mil minuniki's, header, gm alternator,2.5" ss exhaust mandrel bent,custom rad, 280 z tranny, 280 z front struts, 4:37 gears r180, lowered aprox 2 ", body work starting soon, seats of unknown origin, 280 z s spoke wheels.

Posted: 22 Aug 2003 10:39
by matt
location:coquitlam B.C
work:part time at my dads shop

car:1970 datsun 510 2L dgv webber carb, 5 speed, front swaybar,roll cage, bf racing seats [soon to come...].

the car is curently sitting in peices i have the doors and the hood off waiting to be painted. i also have the front clip cut off waiting for a new one.

Posted: 22 Aug 2003 21:11
by GrandMasterGoat
name: ian (ogre) small
age 20
location coquitlam/co-compton
cars -72 2 door hopefully some sort of v8 project maybe nissan v8
-86 300zx 2+2 dead and rusting
-68 4 door soon to be vg30 w/200sx intake and 300zx powered seats. and some sort of lsd unit

occupation- angry gas attendant. hopefully soon to be box pusher somewhere. also professional drinker