First time driven in 15 years.

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First time driven in 15 years.

Post by Dimes4Life » 16 Oct 2016 21:20

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I revived this car after a long 15 year sleep. After replacing every coolant device,charging and braking components.. I ended up having someone in bay area tear the Lz2.3 down to "freshen it up." So...after missing every car show & most of the fun runs this summer..I was fortunate enough to meet and join Gino and some of his friends from Datslocos while I break it in. I'm still working out some bugs in suspension & braking...but for the most part..I had more fun than I could of imagined. I brought along one of my buddies who helped with the revival. We all met up near Saratoga and drove to San Gregorio State Beach. Then we unknowingly drove up some sketchy loose gravel road to Skyline Blvd. It felt so surreal to be around other folks who share the same passion as me and to be around a bunch of beautiful vehicles such as the Datsun 510. Many more beautiful moments like these sure to come..
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Re: First time driven in 15 years.

Post by greenthumb » 16 Oct 2016 22:41

Great license plate!
congrats on the revival

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Re: First time driven in 15 years.

Post by two_68_510s » 17 Oct 2016 07:45

Hwy 9 by my house is a nice side trip on the one you took. Great job Say hi to Gino

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Re: First time driven in 15 years.

Post by Dimes4Life » 17 Oct 2016 10:59

Thanx a lot..I will...Datslocos is hosting another fun run to Oroville Dam from Lathrop,CA Oct 23. Meeting at 192 Lathrop Rd. Lathrop,CA. 95330. Just ordered some D50 springs to firm up rear. Hopefully they will arrive by mid week so I can put them in by then. Dats..On

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Story behind my plates

Post by Dimes4Life » 17 Oct 2016 11:19

I ordered the license plate as an homage to my late great friend Derek Israel who passed away doing what he a 510. He died in 1997 at Sear Point Raceway when a part of a previous crash went through the netting and struck his neck. He was only 28 and had just come off winning the championship in GT4 Class. I'd known him since we were kids and he was influential in my decision to own one. His first 510 was a yellow bubble flair with BBS Rims. It was a special little car with lots of memories..That car had the plates JPN BMW.

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