Importing Vehicles to Canada from USA Needing Assistance

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Importing Vehicles to Canada from USA Needing Assistance

Post by grimlid » 30 Oct 2016 04:06

Hi Realm,
I am looking at a few different 510s down south, not for the first time.
I have no experience in this and I am looking for any advice available.
From the Transport Canada Website ... ations.htm It appears all vehicles imported must be equipped with daytime lights, meaning lights on with ignition. Can anyone confirm this is required on older model vehicles, and also is there a time period to meet any requirements prior to certification after the vehicles is brought across the border.
I am also looking at a few 510s that have fairly extensive modifications to engine and running gear, I am curious if this will add additional complications also.
I am planning to use a broker to save hassles, so if anyone knows of a reputable and reliable broker that would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance for any assistance
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Re: Importing Vehicles to Canada from USA Needing Assistance

Post by Byron510 » 30 Oct 2016 07:24

I have done this recently myself, I brought a 280ZXT up from Oregon earlier this year.
The process hasn't changed much over the years, except that you now have to use a broker. This was because too many people were showing up at the US customs side with incomplete paperwork.
You do have to inform the US border services 3 business days prior to exporting the vehicle prior to arriving. There is no way around this so all paperwork needs to be completed before you cross. You also have to pick your crossing, this can not change. Then you contact that crossing for their export package and procedure. The Canadian side has no rules, you just need to bring in the paperwork from the car and they process it and you pay your taxes. The that's it. If you shoot me a PM with your email, I'll send you the documentation that was require as of February this past year.I saved it all.

And you don't need to adds anything to older cars, no DRL's or anything else that didn't come with for our 510's.

Hope that helps.

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