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Post by dg510 » 10 Jul 2017 18:12

****Same message I posted on Ratsun for those of you on both forums****

Hi Folks,

Just saw the extortion messages regarding Photobucket. Not trying to plug, but wanted to throw out to the group that it has unlimited photo hosting indefinitely for free for any Datsun car (or your tools, etc.). The only thing I would ask if anyone wants to use it is to keep the posts safe-for-work, which basically makes it good for Datsuns and tools only :)

It does not have the photo manipulation tools available on some of the photo processing sites, but then again, I'll own the domain, the servers, the colocation space, and the network for another 50 years (hopefully).

The only issues we have had in the past were from a massive change over in software that took to long too get back up.

Thanks, Derek

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Re: free photo hosting (re: Photobucket)

Post by RMS » 10 Jul 2017 21:32

ah that's better... no flashing ads or popups plus a faster upload. sweet thanks man!
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Re: free photo hosting (re: Photobucket)

Post by funwithmonkeys » 10 Jul 2017 21:54

I will be switching my photos over. Photosucket just shut mine down also.
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Re: free photo hosting (re: Photobucket)

Post by 510wizard » 11 Jul 2017 07:47

Thanks so much Derek for your generous offer for all us Datsun guys!

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