Modified Collector Insurance

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Modified Collector Insurance

Postby CP » 24 Mar 2018 19:03

I just found out there was such a thing as modified collector insurance. It would seem to me most of the cars I see would qualify under this with all of the various alterations and performance adds that have been done. The only negative I see is the no driving to work thing, but I don't how much of a problem that is for most. The rate is soo much cheaper than regular insurance, are there any other restrictions I am not aware of?


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Re: Modified Collector Insurance

Postby bertvorgon » 25 Mar 2018 07:20

As the vehicle has to go through an would not work for me say.

I have NO E-brake and no front bumper, that would blow me out of contention. While I could maybe mount some form of front bumper, the e-brake situation is a no go. Unless I get stopped in some way and am ordered for an inspection, I do not want to red flag my car in any way.

Just make sure you are aware of what is required before you embark on maybe unleashing something you wished you had not brought up.
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Re: Modified Collector Insurance

Postby JordanTr » 25 Mar 2018 10:11

My KA swapped car passed provincial inspection a few years back. As long as the car ticks all the boxes, it should be good to go as far as passing the modified collector inspection.
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Re: Modified Collector Insurance

Postby Idoxlr8 » 25 Mar 2018 10:18

Got modified collector plates late last year. You need to have another insured vehicle to qualify but very easy process otherwise. $325.00 a year for insurance.
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Re: Modified Collector Insurance

Postby CP » 25 Mar 2018 16:40

Thanks for the responses. Looking further I think we would not pass on a couple of points, one being the working parking brake and the other possibly the seat belts. I think Keith you have the right idea, don't open a can of worms as you might end up with the result you don't want.

Thanks again

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