15 years

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15 years

Post by jovial_cynic » 15 Nov 2018 19:50

My oldest daughter is turning 15 years old this weekend. This means that I've owned my 510 for 15 years, since I bought it very close to the day she was born.

Going from age 25 to 40, measuring mile posts in life based on what you learned on your car is neat. Here are some things I picked up a long the way.

- Learning what a carburetor does, and how to adjust it.
- Swapping intake manifolds, and installing a bigger carb. Learning how coolant passages work, and when to expect a mess on my garage floor while wrenching. 
- Figuring out SU carbs...  twice the adjustments! Also, oil dampening.
- Learning to weld to deal with rust. Floor pans!
- Learning that "dropping in" a VG30 isn't a thing. (Quickly trading it out for the next motor)
- Learning the whole 12v system and getting comfortable wiring everythinplans! Lights, horn, relays, switches. 
- Learning that the fuel injection on a NAPS-Z motor will make you fall in love with EFI.
- Taking on an engine build: L/Z hybrid, and learning how pistons and cranks really operate... and finally getting a taste for horsepower.
- Braving the challenge of installing an SR20DET, and refusing to back down until it's done.
- Getting comfortable welding more things: cross members, motor mounts, intake plumbing, exhaust.
- Learning bodywork, fixing some errors the previous owner made. Not being afraid to cut.
- Upgrading the front brakes, and learning how the brake system really works.
- Installing rear discs.
- Fine-tuning the boost, and de-mystifying the turbo system.

...and many, many more details. 

It's been a great journey of learning and really enjoying my car. Thanks to everybody on here for all the shared knowledge.

Here's to 15 more!
71 510 2-door SR20DET (S13)

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Re: 15 years

Post by JordanTr » 16 Nov 2018 06:54

Yes time does fly. I’ve had mine from 17-26 and put nearly 35,000kms on it!

I am sitting at 9 years now and have learned a lot of the same things you have except I skipped the carburetor steps!
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