Being Perma Banned

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Re: Being Perma Banned

Post by 510rob » 30 May 2019 18:49

I like to think we keep as high a signal to noise ratio as is possible, but once in a while we have a little glitch. I laughed when I saw that I was banned as well. Hehehe, something went wrong... :P

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Re: Being Perma Banned

Post by datzenmike » 30 May 2019 20:37

Byron... I totally understand the work load keeping the site clean and fit for use. There's nothing quite like spending an hour in the morning taking out the garbage and seeing posts you'd love to reply to slipping past. All I can say is keep up the good work, it's appreciated.
"Nissan 'shit the bed' when they made these, plain and simple." McShagger510 on flattop SUs

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Re: Being Perma Banned

Post by bertvorgon » 31 May 2019 06:29

Thanks for posting that up Rob, I had no idea....What a crock!

Makes me appreciate even more this site and the work that goes into maintaining it.

Now...about the British Diplomatic pass port.......
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Re: Being Perma Banned

Post by 68Datsun510 » 05 Jun 2019 03:27

I feel the need for a Hungarian passport now...

Thanks to all those working hard to preserve this forum!
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