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Hidden Hitch

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Hi Everyone,

Figured I would share some action from last weekend. I really enjoy mountain biking and road biking and always want to find reasons to drive the 510! Unfortunately those 2 things didn't play well together. Enter @Byron510, he and I starting thinking about hitch designs that would minimize the number of extra holes required. Through the combination of great minds (or fools seldom differ) we came up what is in the attached pictures. I unfortunately went for looks (against Byron's recommendation) and the bar to the rear diff in the less stiff orientation (it should be rotated 90 degrees). However with it in this orientation and Liz jumping on it there is about a 1/8" to 1/4" of flex (at no point does it touch the body). It is probably ok for bikes but I am going to upgrade the hitch as I have deemed it unacceptable. Overall really happy with the design and I had a great day in the shop (the upgrade might just be an excuse to get back out there).

I will post pictures up the upgrade later and yes I am aware of the risk of using your girlfriend as a weight to test your design! I checked prior to this post.


If anyone wants more details on the design, happy to share it.
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Re: Hidden Hitch

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that is cool.
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Re: Hidden Hitch

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Nice Design!
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