datsun 510 specialty shops in the bay area? (calfornia)

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datsun 510 specialty shops in the bay area? (calfornia)

Post by traction_issuez » 26 Dec 2005 16:47

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Post by true.dat » 26 Dec 2005 21:03

HI Mike, I would say go w/ the KA24, i heard that the entire swap can be done within 2-3 days. It also uses stock mounts.

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Post by traction_issuez » 27 Dec 2005 04:12

sounds good but i need someone realiable to weld in the crossmember in reverse, i will only trust a datsun speacialty shop for that because they can help me with the driveshaft also, and misc wiring things like fuel pump

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Post by banzai510(hainz) » 27 Dec 2005 06:43

Think you been in Iraq too long

How about putting in a L series and it will only take like 4 hrs. if you have all the parts. Wheres the L series right now?. If you cant get that running I dont know what to tell ya.
Paying some one to do this is alot of money and most are not 510 orientated. Means they will say they had to engineer it up$$$$$$. Or travel time to get it there. Maybe you got your reenlistement bonus(dont waist it on a car) Do this right.
Hate to see you get stationed at Fort Drum,NY with a 510 only for it to rott away with the salted roads later

Being in the military myself when I was younger. Just wait and get it done right and when you have more time and money.
Just get a free L 16 with 4 speed from someone .IF all you say you need it ruuning just to move it.
By then you might find one already done for cheaper.

Mckinney motorsports installs SR20s and such.
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Post by 619sd510 » 27 Dec 2005 07:49

Bay Area huh...Well there is:

In Fremont Troy Ermish:

and there is another place that someone posted on this site that was displaying pictures of his before and after pics of his hood compartment. It's a Bright Metallic Blue in color, but he is from the bay area also and a specialty shop was doing his paint, but they also specialize in motorswaps as well.

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Post by 619sd510 » 27 Dec 2005 08:03

Okay, i was wrong about the Bright Metallic Blue dime, but I found the thread.

PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t-3518-postdays-0-po ... art-0.html

He states the name on the 3rd page.

The place is call DGR Fabrication (datsun works) in santa clara. Check there as well.

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Post by icehouse » 27 Dec 2005 09:50

I'm with hainz, if all you want to do is move it in and out of the garage a L will be fine for now. To do a turbo ka you at least need.... Head gasket, arp head bolts, rissing rate fuel prssure regulator, safc and more. And if you don't you might get 2 weeks out of it. O and the stock 510 motor mounts will definatly be pissed with that kinda power.

If you do it anyway, the wiring isn't hard the driveline only cost 100 bucks and reversing the crossmember is easy, I do it for you if you lived closer. Its the whole project that adds up to money and time.
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Post by duke » 28 Dec 2005 01:52

both of the shops mentioned do good work, they are both well known with bay area 510 guys and can do the ka swap easily.
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