Has anyone bought these rear brake brakets?

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Has anyone bought these rear brake brakets?

Post by 72dat » 13 Jan 2008 23:08

Just wondering if anyone has bought these brackets from this site. I am looking at ordering the 200sx brackets.


If so, how is the fit and quality? Is $150US a good price for them? Is there any local BC places that make them or something similar?


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Post by Byron510 » 13 Jan 2008 23:54

I just emailed this company asking if any of their rear brake options can house 13X7 Libre wheels - I'll post the response if I get one. I know their site said don't ask this question, but I just had to :D
72dat, having just made a set of caliper brackets for the front, considering the time it took me, I'd say any bracket that is already engineered and is a bolt on item is well worth $150 - even as a machinist.

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Post by Derek » 14 Jan 2008 08:53

I run the Maxima caliper versions of these with 200SX rotors. They worked great and were easy to install, but I had my whole rear end apart at the time so it might be a little more difficult to do it on the car. I think I paid a little less than $150, but even so it is a good deal for a designed and finished part that needs no messing around.

I don't know about the 13s Bryon, as I run 14s on mine, which clear fine. I was hoping to eventually get a set of 13s wheels for my car, so I too am interested if they clear.

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Post by thisismatt » 14 Jan 2008 10:24

I bought the maxima ones. Quality is fine. He raised the price quite a bit, though - I paid $97 shipped Nov. 06.
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Post by 72dat » 14 Jan 2008 12:28

i will order a set once it's confirmed that they will fit a 13" libre wheel. Thanks for the input.

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Post by jackedaw11 » 14 Jan 2008 12:30

I bought a set a year or so ago, great product and I got it quick without any hassles, but they were about half the price then...

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Post by Gensaiken1 » 14 Jan 2008 13:12

supposedly the only 13in wheel that will go over rear and front disc (280ZX) are some of the libre wheels.. not 100% on that but it is what i've heard from others.

I don't know if the maxima caliper is bigger or smaller than the 200SX. So it could matter which one you end up going with..

I installed them on my car and they were great. Just got to remember to put some lockwashers on the supplied bolts... I learned the hard way what happens if you don't... :lol:

I did have 13's on my car before the upgrade but had to move to 14's because the wheels wouldn't fit. I ended up with better looking wheels. So it was kind of a blessing in disguise..
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