WTB: 510 in or near Alabama

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WTB: 510 in or near Alabama

Post by The Taterhead » 22 Jun 2011 09:11

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Location: Central Alabama
Price: $1000.00 to spend

Contact Information: email taterhead270@yahoo.com

I know it would be a miracle to find but I'm looking for a '68 - '73 510. 2 or 4 door doesn't matter. I'll also consider buying a wagon. Something to put some time and work into. I'm looking for something to work on with my son. I know I won't find an immaculate car for that price & I'm not looking for one. A beater is not out of the question. I would prefer it have an engine & manual trans. I'm not opposed to travelling a little to neighboring states. There's just not much on craigslist here in the southeast. The kicker is that I only have $1000 to get me started. If there is anyone out there in The Realm that knows of anything please e-mail me at: taterhead270@yahoo.com

Thanks everyone for reading


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