Vg30s engine for sale

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Vg30s engine for sale

Post by ndyer82 » 15 Feb 2015 07:59

I have a long history with Datsuns and Nissans in the UK. I have what I have been told is VG30s engine. It was taken out of a Nissan Cedric 1986. I have been told that it is a very rare and sought after distributor and the carburettor. Apparently it is an import from Saudi Arabia (due to the distributor) and the handbook I have is in both English and Arabic.

The engine is in good working order and I was just wondering if anyone was interested in buying it as I do not need it. Please make me an offer. I am in the uk.



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Re: Vg30s engine for sale

Post by datzenmike » 15 Feb 2015 10:14

You could just 'bump' the old post.
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Re: Vg30s engine for sale

Post by frooni » 09 Apr 2018 06:01

you still have that engine? long shot :-)

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