WTS Engine parts L16,L20B,Z22

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WTS Engine parts L16,L20B,Z22

Post by Hix85 » 27 Jun 2017 06:43

Hi guys!

Selling all my engine parts so I can put more money in to my very rusty 510, its going to be a long time before I even think of putting any engine in it, so here it goes.

My plan was to build the LZ23 so I have about all the part to do that,
what I have.

Parts from L16 engine

Engine is mostly together $100 needs rebuild
Intake manifold with carb $30
exhaust manifold $75

part for L20B engine came from a 1979 Datsun 620 truck
engine block $80.00
crankshaft $50.00
two front timing covers, one looks like it was fixed welding marks on it $35, second one looks good $75
oil Pan $20.00
intake manifold with carb $50
exhaust manifold $35
Pistons with Rods and ARP bolts never used $100
W58 cylinder head its $75 been taken part was going to put the part on A60 head
A60 cylinder head has been surfaced before $60 just the head no cam or rocker ect..

Z22 engine
Engine Block $100
Cylinder head $50
intake manifold with carb $30
exhaust manifold $20
Two crankshaft, one got surface rust $70 other one does not $90.
Timing cover $20


Two Fel-Pro head gasket #9210 PT-1 $20 each

DNJ ENGINE COMPONENTS FGS6033 Full Upper and Lower Set
Connecting rod bearing MAHLE/CLEVITE CB966A4 (Full Set / Standard Replacement) Full Set
CrankShaft main bear for 2.2 MAHLE/CLEVITE MS2042A (Full Set / Standard Replacement) Full Set. All for $100

I Have boxes of the small parts for all this engine so let me know what you are looking for and I mite have it.

Other parts
4 speed transmission from 510 $75
5 speed transmission from 620 $150
Front struts from 510 $100

Will trade for 510 body panel, like rockers, front and rear bumpers ECT..

Will ship the small stuff but will not ship Engine blocks and transmissions and struts.
Will send Photos.
all the part are out of Cleveland Ohio

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Re: WTS Engine parts L16,L20B,Z22

Post by sgplancer » 29 Jun 2017 05:31

PM sent on the L20B stuff!

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Re: WTS Engine parts L16,L20B,Z22

Post by Gereed75 » 02 Aug 2017 20:32

PM sent

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