53 years of parts need to find new homes

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53 years of parts need to find new homes

Postby bpart3 » 19 Oct 2017 16:39

After racind Nissans for 53 years I have retired and we are downsizing a barn full of parts. here is a list of parts for you Datsun folks

Cylinder heads:
1. L-4 FIA one complete with steel cam towers valves ,springs etc no cam Offer
1 A FIA intake manifold brand new works with items 1,2,3 Offer
1B FIAExhaust manifold used works with items 123 $500
2 L-4 FIA head unassembled $1200
3. L-4 FIA head damaged, repair estimate $500 price as is $500
4.L-4 SSS #219 head slover ported complete $$450
5.L-4 210 heads there are the ones that can be made into comp with work (4 available) $300 ea
6. U 67 and U-60 heads for L-20B use $200
7. L-16 long block engine with front cover , water pump, oil pump standard pulley $300
8. L-20 with everything and stock distrubutor $300
9. Ka-24 long block with front cover and cam cover (2 avail) $300
10.10A L-16 bare blocks some race prepped $100
Other parts
11. L-16 rods set of 4 shot peened and ARP bolts $100
12. old new stock set of 4 dished pistons. 3.358in 85.5MM $100
13, multiple sets of stock rods dryd og L-4 16 K18 L20B $50
14.used cosworth pistons sets of 4 $200
15 4 speed transmissions Z type (4 avail) make offer
16. stock oil pans (many) $20
17.steel dry sump pan made from stock pan $150
18. vintage ribbed valve cover with bakelite or aluminum caps (early style) $45
19. gear reduction start $100

Prices are negotiable, if you see anything you want make an offer
Bill Partridge email bpart3@gmail.com 317-403-5604

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Re: 53 years of parts need to find new homes

Postby Gereed75 » 22 Oct 2017 08:54

I would like to buy the SSS head item number 4. Can u contact me via PM or email at gereed75@yahoo.com

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Re: 53 years of parts need to find new homes

Postby DATREBB » 11 Nov 2017 12:59

Hello, my name is James and I'm from Australia, is there any chance that you may have fender badges in good condition for a 510?

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Re: 53 years of parts need to find new homes

Postby sgplancer » 05 Dec 2017 05:05

Rare to see FIA stuff for sale! Wish you were local so I could put my eyes on it. Good luck with the sales!

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