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RB26DETT Nissan S14 240SX

Posted: 26 Nov 2017 18:36
by JordanTr
See Craigslist or below.

Build thread: Realm

Extensively modified 1995 Nissan 240sx with the heart of a Nissan skyline GTR. The chassis is fully built to comfortably and reliably put this power to the ground. Countless hours have been spend fabricating custom parts to keep the car OEM looking and feeling. If Nissan put the RB26 in a rwd chassis, I would like to think it would look like this!

The car is proven reliable and I have put roughly 6000km on the car driving it around BC last year with zero issues. It is adult built, adult driven, and not drifted.

My reason for selling is that I have 2 other semi-project cars and I'm at the point where life priorities are shifting beyond 90s cars.



Parts list is as follows:

Stock r32 rb26, lq9 coils, mojo performance coil mounts and wiring specialties coil harness. Modified and hammerheaded gtr oil pan. 3" SS pie cut charge pipes, GTR fmic, twin recirc BOVs, SS recirc piping, koyo rad with 10/14" elec fans on thermoswitches. 350z power steering pump and Nissan Quest giant alternator. 2.5" SS downpipes to 80mm SS exhaust with a cat. R32 GTR fuel pump in tank. Stock GTR 444 fuel injectors cleaned and flow matched but I struggled with one that had a small external leak. I would recommend new injectors.

Rb26 engine mount isolators on r32 xmember. Modified RB20 upper engine mounts.

S13 hicas quick steer rack. Sentra SE-R spec V front brembo brakes. SS braided lines. Bolt on and lighter than z32s. Bm57 1 1/16 master cylinder. Apexi N1 coilovers/camber plates in good shape.

Transmission is a 1988 300zx turbo trans. Same as rb25 but taller 5th. R33 gtr bellhousing for pull type clutch, Exedy twin plate sprung clutch (pull), braided clutch line. Custom 3" steel driveshaft with all new parts.

R32 GTR diff/30 spline output shafts/ 6x1 axles/GTR hubs. GTR rear brakes w/braided lines. GTR ebrake assembly with r33 ebrake cables. Powder coated subframe with solid subframe risers. Energy poly diff bushings. S14 rear LCAs, gktech traction rods and adjustable toe arms and RUCAs. Tien rear coils in poor shape.

Chassis has minor strut tower rust. It's an LE car so it has the moonroof, keyless entry, 5 lug, leather, power windows/locks yada yada. The exterior paint is certainly not perfect but it is a great candidate for bodywork and paint. All 4 fenders are rolled well. The stereo was yanked before I got the car so there is a snipped stereo plug instead of a stereo in the dash.

The rims are a square setup of light, forged Rays 19x10+30 originally from the rear of a Nissan 370. Front tires are near new triangle 245/35R19. Rears are around 50% 265/30R19.

I built the car to handle a bunch of power. I'm sure it would be a great drift base to start with or a sleepy street car as is with some upgraded power adders.

I am not particularly interested in trades but I do have a soft spot for Audi Quattros. I won't entertain any trades of any sort for anything fwd or Subaru.

I'm looking for $15,250 but am negotiable depending on bolt on parts, wheels etc. Over winter heated storage is negotiable.

Thanks for looking if you made it this far!

I put a few videos I have handy onto youtube. See the links below

First start
First drive
Drive 2
Drive 3

RB26 clip cold start/walkaround

0-60 MPH ish with a 2x speed on speedo
Highway Drive by 1
Highway Drive by 2

Re: RB26DETT Nissan S14 240SX

Posted: 02 Apr 2018 21:49
by JordanTr
Bump. Summer is coming and I want to buy some more parts for other projects!

Re: RB26DETT Nissan S14 240SX

Posted: 06 Oct 2018 20:07
by JordanTr
GOLDDUST is sold!

Re: RB26DETT Nissan S14 240SX

Posted: 08 Oct 2018 08:06
by icehouse
Time to turbo the 510!