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Roof Rack for Sale

Posted: 16 Dec 2017 13:47
by zKars
The recent 71 2 door that I acquired came with many lovely features, but this is not one of them. The roof rack is just not me.

I feel obliged to let it go to a better home rather than recycle it. It's not in pristine shape, I'm sure it's carried it's fair share of 2x4's, luggage, Xmas trees and the like. I have it broken down into its parts and have all the hardware. Will ship in a reasonable sized box, likely 6 x 6 x 40 inches.

No idea if this is an ultra rare antique AMCO rack intended for 510's or what it came from, but the feet sit nicely on the roof profile without gaps. Does require 8 holes for sheet metal screws. Pictures show the surface defects. I've marked the parts for easy re-assembly.

Asking a massive $40 + shipping.
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