Late Z22e 87.5mm pistons and rings

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Late Z22e 87.5mm pistons and rings

Post by anguso » 23 Feb 2018 11:17

I have a set of Nissan late Z22E pistons and rings with which I was planning to build a long rod 2.1 engine using the 6” Z20E rods.
My Z22 block is bored to a hair under 88mm, so I'd planned to source some OEM pistons and rings, getting the block bored to match the pistons once the shop had them in hand.

Unfortunately, thanks to a parts number interchange snafu with Nissan Japan, the pistons they sent me are 87.5mm (oversize +.5mm).
Nissan won’t take them back (they maintain that an 87.5mm piston will work fine in an 88mm bore), so hopefully someone here can make use of them.

The PN for the pistons is 12010-D8112; and my engine builder measured the pin height to be 32.15 mm, with a 2.15 mm dish.


The PN for the rings is 12036-06W20.


I paid $400 for the set, and I’d like to get $300 for them.

The pistons and rings are sitting on the shelf at the shop in Oceanside CA, so if you’re local, you’re welcome to pickup. If not, contact me to get you a price to ship them to you.

Any question, please ask.



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