WTB - A/C underdash unit

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WTB - A/C underdash unit

Post by analogxb » 01 Aug 2018 07:43

hey folks im looking for the underdash a/c unit for the 73 510.
Im also assuming there is a few other things required here. compressor, evap etc

thanks guys


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Re: WTB - A/C underdash unit

Post by yenpit » 01 Aug 2018 08:24

A good clean underdash unit is the most important component on the 510 AC system! That unit holds the blower motors, the controls, the evaporator core & the evap valve........none of which are available new, so important to get ALL of these parts & hope that they are in good condition! All of the other parts out in the engine compartment are old & inefficient, so some R&D is required to figure out those parts, universal fit. We just updated a 240Z system with a NEW Sanden compressor, universal fit receiver drier & custom made hoses. We were able to re-use the condenser, but all you need to buy a NEW one are dimensions & placement of the inlet & outlet based on where you want to run the hoses. The big bulky boat anchor original York 1971 240Z compressor was originally located top forward corner of the engine on the passenger side, the later 280Z & 280ZX was located lower forward corner on the drivers side, which is where we choose to locate the new Sanden unit on this 240Z, using the later mounting brackets. We had to cut & re-weld the belt idler pulley mounting bracket to line up the pulley grooves. Unfortunately, I think the 4cyl engine block mounting bosses (lower front drivers side of block) are located differently than the 6cyl, so the 6cyl compressor brackets likely won't line up correctly........try to get the 4cyl York mounting bracket, you will likely have to modify it OR fabricate your own!

Vintage air has lots of universal fit parts............but I don't think I would tell them DATSUN, cuz they work primarily with domestic!

You might find the universal fit parts at www.coldhoses.com, but again, nobody will list for DATSUN.

FYI there were at least 3 different dealer installed AC "kits" sold here in the States, with the underdash units being different too! I have 2 different units right now, but I'm hangin on to the really nice one, which happens to be the most common one I've seen! The 2nd unit I have is still in the car I just picked up, and after a quick glance when unloading it the other day, I noticed that all of the directional vents are broken, and it is VERY tricky to find replacements that will fit! I CAN ship into Canada, but the shipping cost would likely be very high, cuz it's a big bulky long component! If you have a USA shipping address, I'm happy to do that. Since I JUST got this car, I have no idea what is there, what is missing, what is damaged until I dig into it, and realistically I'm a month or two out from being able to mess with it!

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Re: WTB - A/C underdash unit

Post by andrew.lori » 03 Aug 2018 05:34

I have the unit that hangs under the dash. PM me your email and I can email some pix.
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