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38mm Hitachi carbs + manifold SOLD

Posted: 04 Jun 2019 19:19
by SteveEdmonton
38mm Hitachi flat-tops and Nissan (K14) manifold. Originally from a JDM L18.

Complete setup, except that the needles are missing. (New ones are readily available from Z Therapy.) Includes carbs, manifold, heat shield, and associated linkage as shown. Totally original and unmodified, including factory asbestos on the heat shield. :shock: Easily converted to "round-top" specifications if you want to do that (instructions are here on the Realm). Excellent candidate for rebuilding.

$200 USD / $250 CAD plus shipping, if needed. SOLD
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Re: 38mm Hitachi carbs + manifold

Posted: 07 Jun 2019 11:44
by yenpit
PS for those of you familiar with Z cars, these "square top" 4cyl carbs are perfectly good carbs........these are NOT the same as the 73-74 240Z/260Z "square top" emission carbs!! I think these particular carbs were available on JDM SSS 610's or 710's........?? Great buy!! 8) 8)

Re: 38mm Hitachi carbs + manifold

Posted: 07 Jun 2019 17:16
by iceman510
Is there anything different in size or settings from a set from an L16? If they were on L18s are they a better fit for my L18 when I build it?

Re: 38mm Hitachi carbs + manifold

Posted: 08 Jun 2019 10:59
by SteveEdmonton
I had 38mm SUs on an L16 years ago and they were great. In fact that set came off of a 1600 Roadster. So yes, these carbs would just as good on an L16 as an L18.

Where they start to become a bit iffy is on an L20B. Some of us run them there too, and they're awesome at lower RPM or for shorter pulls, but start to run out of capacity under sustained high demand. There are ways around that... but anyway, the point is that these 38mm carbs are simply excellent up to about 2 litres of engine capacity. Both L16 and L18 are totally in their sweet spot.

FWIW, this set that's for sale has been held in reserve as "backup" for the set on my own car, which is pictured here. After running them for a couple of years, I realize there's no real need to have a spare set. They're dead-solid reliable.
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Re: 38mm Hitachi carbs + manifold

Posted: 08 Jun 2019 11:26
by iceD
PM sent although I'm not sure because it is still in my outbox I would buy the carbs if still available

ice D



Re: 38mm Hitachi carbs + manifold

Posted: 08 Jun 2019 14:21
by SteveEdmonton
Got your message, thanks, Derek!