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WTB Datsun 510 2dr

Posted: 06 Jul 2005 16:52
by greeneline
I'm looking for a datsun 510 2dr with a manual transmision. The vehicle must run and be road legal (aircare ect.) I'm in Surrey so the more local the better, I'm looking for a first can and I don't want to have to go long distance to get it.

Any help you could give me would be apreciated.

RE: WTB Datsun 510 2dr

Posted: 06 Jul 2005 20:20
by Ash510
how much do you want to spend? everyone wants a nice car but it has to be cheap. these cars dont exist! 30 year old cars are either fixed up already and worth some $$$$ or they are rusting to the ground and not worth anything.

Posted: 06 Jul 2005 21:27
by greeneline
I'm not too sure what they are worth. I don't want a bucket but at teh same time I don't want something thats modifyed off the charts.