WTB: WTT: Upper steering column

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WTB: WTT: Upper steering column

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Maybe a bit of a strange request. Not 100% sure this will work.

Steering column in my car was converted to quick release steering wheel with a welded-on spline adapter. I am returning this race car to a street car, so need to be able to have a functioning horn. Haven't figured out how to do that with the quick release.

I have another separate upper column section here also converted to a hex adapter. I did not separate this from the rest of the column, but received it this way. So...I am looking to get just an upper section in trade if someone wants a quick release already done. (Insight from anyone who may have already taken a column apart appreciated). Picture:

column small.jpg
column small.jpg (221.5 KiB) Viewed 348 times

Yenpit has already offered a whole column if required, so no problem getting the entire assembly.

Let me know if interested.

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