New to the boards im looking for any 2door 510

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New to the boards im looking for any 2door 510

Post by ChevyToyR » 26 Jul 2003 23:32

well as u can see im new here and ive been wanting a 2door 510 for a while now i want one that is straight no dents or minor dents no rust i really just need a rolling chassis, but if its running it would be ok. well i hope u guys can help me out thanks alot and this site is great

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Post by Boaty » 26 Jul 2003 23:46

Well, I'll put it the way that Spencer put it. (Vise Pres of the Club of BC)

Everybody wants a nice straight 2-door with minimal body damage and no rust.

You and I are in the same boat buddy, only you can probobly afford to pay more than I can. I'm short for cash and needing a 510.. i don't want to waste money on something that ISN't a 510... I hate being 16.

Good luck budy, check the classifieds for the dime quarterly.
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Post by ChevyToyR » 26 Jul 2003 23:54

well im pretty sure u have more money than i do im 17 currently own 2 Chevy Luvs a 75 and a 80 and im selling my 80 on ebay right now so i can use the money to buy a 2door 510s theres a 4door by my house its in so so conditions but i really want a 2door

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