68' dime tail lights

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68' dime tail lights

Post by ajen68510 » 27 Jul 2003 09:39

Hey guys,
I bought a set of 68' 510 tail lights from Australia this past winter. I was intending on using them on my 68' but i could not find a 68' beavertail, but did find a mint 70', so i reluctantly will be upgrading to the 70's lights.
these are mint lights. they include the housings, lens's, and gaskets.Although the gaskets are worn, i was going to make some new ones. The frames are not pitted or rusted.
I also have a set of extra lens's, and an extra frame (not in mint condition)
email me at elandy@shaw.ca for more info


Post by Darrell » 02 Aug 2003 09:30

how much?


Post by Guest » 13 Aug 2003 19:52

Darrell wrote:how much?
Looks like they are going to be going to a good home in California. They went fo 100.00ea US

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