cars n coffee cruises langley / surrey BC Friday nites

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cars n coffee cruises langley / surrey BC Friday nites

Post by cartel » 24 Jun 2020 19:14

Keith posted about possibly coming to "timmies" this fri-- this is a EVERY friday event in our area - Langley must be close to the car capital of canada ..

if anyone wants to meet at shop first im very close to "both" of the unoffical places to go to.. weather permitting of course- and if both were closed down could use the lot at work -- theres well over 50 empty parking spots after normal hours here.

#1) timmies at the strip mall at 28th and 192 st- literally 5 minutes from shop..
was the main goto after the original motor vehicle branch in langley closed and a car lot took over the space. it drifted up to 192 and its been quite busy for the past 2-3 years summertime every friday after 5pm its BUSY.. it was nice as theres 4 different restaurants A&W , timmies - greek and subway etc.. but the BS from the fraser health is out of hand (imo)

i went 2x last month before the RCMP shutdown and was 200+ cars - heavy police presence which i was fine with as some "IDIOTS" do too many burnouts and dont have car control where there are a 100+ lining the boulevard to watch-- not the best.. it wasnt rowdy or out of hand both days i went and then 3 weeks ago the RCMP started blocking the mall entrances.. (which i dont understand how they can prevent all the business from actually selling food?)

anyway everyone migrated various places - some tried mopac- (which closes their lot)
KMS also used to have a friday gathering but not sure if anyone went there-- and the remainder ended up at the "famous timmies: -shit throwing one if you dont know :shock: " its in the corner of the strip mall at

#2) 55 th ave and 204 street- langley city-- one block south of fraser hwy - if you head south at the dairy queen on fraser then you cross 54th/ douglas crescent and then the mall is on your left

that a different city-- so different RCMP detachment-- it might get shut down as well but its only been 2 weeks there so its an unknown.

#3) my work is 5327 192 street -- so pretty well central to both..

i take a different car each friday - if i know there are some datsuns coming i will bring one of them.. i usually go about 6 and stay maybe an hour-- but there are cars from 5 till dark .. some show up at 430 with chairs and ive seen cars unloaded off trailers as well --
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Re: cars n coffee cruises langley / surrey BC Friday nites

Post by bertvorgon » 25 Jun 2020 09:31

Thanks for posting that Mike!

Is that location at the old Army and Navy lot?

Looks like I will have to pass tomorrow, my daughter is coming back from camping and will want to park trailer back in garage, where the logistics of shuffling a ton of stuff is not easy for me to get in and out.
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