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Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 06 Jun 2015 17:36
by bertvorgon
Sounds good, we roll out at 8:00 sharp. I will be there a bit early, as I need to throw some tools in the car, and check tire pressure.

Should be a beautiful day for a drive.

I'm looking forward to lunch at the restaurant, looks good!

Maybe we can stop at the Tantalus Look out on the way, as the sun will be on it's face. Can't remember if we can do a left in there.

yes we can, just got the 'street' view.... ... e5!6m1!1e1

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 07 Jun 2015 06:40
by Chickenman
6:40 AM Leaving early. Have to fuel car, check tire pressures. I'll be at the Brake check.... waking all the West Van socialites as I power time the Z :lol:

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 07 Jun 2015 07:02
by bertvorgon
7:00 at the plant here now, what a gorgeous day!

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 07 Jun 2015 19:38
by bertvorgon
What a delightful drive today, great company, blazing weather, and a not bad traffic day, at least for the trip up.
We had Richard, Dean, Robyn and Mandy along for the days adventure. It was hot already when I rolled out of the plant, so I knew this was to be the best test for the new rad yet. Robyn and Mandy were spot on time, as I knew they would be, so I was putting my ear plugs in when they drove up. Knight Street was quiet this morning, so we got to the brake check above Horseshoe bay in no time at all. Richard was there, ready to rock.

Traffic just flowed to our first stop, the Tantalus Range lookout, high above the Squamish River Across from here, for you faithful readers, is where we went to the old gold mine on previous off road trips. As it turned out, Dean must have gone by us at this point, as we did not know he was coming.
As we left the far side of Whistler, I saw way back behind us, and brilliant white 260Z following, Dean had caught up with us somehow.

We arrived in Pemberton by 10:30, where the serious heat was starting to build, ultimately breaking a record today of 35.7C (96F. ) After some pictures, we headed to the restaurant, finding the doors did not open for another ten minutes. Soon, we were stuffing our faces with great burgers and fries, all soured from the local Pemberton area.

After lunch, when I looked at my temp gauge for inside the car, it showed 44.4 C (112F.) Bloody hot! At least now I can roll the passenger window down, so it did not take long to knock 10C. out of the car, still hot though.
We stopped at the Tantalus lookout again on the way back, at this point you can get some good photos of the range, where there sure is not much snow left anymore. As we got ready to leave, Richards car would not start, battery run down after leaving lights on, but, I think it pointed out that the battery might be marginal, or, the small alternator he has could not keep up with the air conditioning running. After letting the battery recover for a bit, we managed to bump start it, but was it ever hot in the sun there. I was glad I had frozen some water bottles.

On rolling out we could see that traffic was really heavy, the Sea to Sky corridor is just jammed with people now and this was one of the busiest I have ever seen it. I have traveled this route for almost 50 years now, seeing it go from gravel road to almost nowhere, to a four lane mega road, servicing one of the most successful ski/mountain bike/golf/hike/camp/shop areas in the world. If only we have had a crystal ball that would have let us buy property there, back in the 60's....I could have been inviting you all to my private race track!
We just tucked into the flow, with me only pointing out to a sport bike guy that I could eat him for breakfast if I wanted to. I can tell in two seconds how good a rider is as to how he approaches a corner. Very few sport bike riders have any real race experience, so they really cannot commit to a line at high speed. It was all I could do to resist going FAST, insanity now on the Sea to Sky, but my 25 year old self still lurks in there from a time gone by.

My car ran just awesome, water stayed at 170 the whole time, exhaust ticked along at around 1,200 F.. Power train is dead smooth with the new tires, and with today's pavement temps, I could tell the stick would be prodigious, as the above paragraph points out, fast corners are NO problem in my car.
We pulled off at Brittania Beach for some ice cream. At the height of the mines copper production in 1929, it was the largest producer in the commonwealth and today is a wonderful museum to go through. Richards car now suffered vapour lock and had quite the time starting, until he poured some water on the fuel lines. Richard will now have to go through a pre-tech before our drives, and the temperature must be below 20C..

The rest of the trip was just a cruise, all of us hoping there would be no issues at the Iron Workers bridge, scene of many a horrendous Sunday afternoon traffic jam of there is an accident. All was good, except...there are no merge areas that work anymore on the lower mainland..PERIOD. Our so called traffic engineers make/made the chutes so short, everything comes to a standstill in these areas...PERIOD.

We all split up at the Bridge, with Robyn and Mandy and I heading for our usual Knight Street return corridor, where it was not too bad. Again, with my fans on, in 28C heat, my water stayed at 170 the whole time.

A great drive, some fantastic scenery and a lot of good laughs had by all.
Thanks for coming out, time to plan the next epic drive soon.

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 07 Jun 2015 19:43
by bertvorgon

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 07 Jun 2015 19:46
by bertvorgon

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 07 Jun 2015 19:47
by bertvorgon
Sorry if there are some duplicates there, the new format I have not quite figured out yet.

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 07 Jun 2015 21:22
by two_68_510s
Those Zs are gorgeous, love those immaculate engine bays.

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 07 Jun 2015 22:03
by gooned
Looks like a great scenic wander, HOT today, thanks for sharing.

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 07 Jun 2015 22:14
by Idoxlr8
Good time and glad I eventually caught up to you all, I'll pay closer attention to the forum next time. It was a this morning decision for me.

Beautiful day for sure, I don't think I've seen that many motorcycles in my life,they were everywhere.

Keith's little dalliance with the the bike wasn't lost on me. All I saw was a little chuff of exhaust and it was like Scotty hit the hyperspace button on Enterprise. Can't say for sure but time may have reversed as well :D

Thanks for documenting the trip, I hope to attend more in the future if the 510 crowd can tolerate one more Z reprobate.


Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 07:03
by bertvorgon
Always welcome on our drives. The cars are secondary, it is about the people.

In the 24 years now that the 510 "group" has been around, both from a racing and social side, the collective group of
people have made the times so much fun. When I think back to some of the major hikes I dragged the core group on,
it was that group that helped give my son some very core values of what friend ship is about, which holds to this day.

At this point too, I think we must have done well over 20,000+ miles on our drives, a lot of great scenery gone by and some SERIOUS canyon carving done.

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 08:54
by Chickenman
^ Truer words were never spoken. It is indeed about the people and I consider myself fortunate to have met so many wonderful people in this Hobby of mine.

That was truly a great day. Keith has said it all. Not much that I can add..other than I will be doing some Mods to the charging system and Fuel Injection system very soon.

It's rather fortunate that the " Vapor Lock " problem showed up when it did. First time that's ever happened on the car. Later this year I plan on a road trip to California, so finding this problem now is much better than 1,500 miles from home. Thanks to all for the assistance provided, especially the " Bump " starts in 35+ C heat!!

A big shout out to my friend Trevor Drake for recommending the " Mile One " restaurant in Pemberton. Absolute best burger I've ever had in my life!!! The Apple/Raspberry Pie was pretty darned good as well. If you're ever up in Pemberton, check it out. Right across from the Petro Canada station.

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 14:00
by 510rob
later 280ZX engines had a small auxiliary squirrel cage fan that was mounted on the plug-side of the head/valve cover, with a plastic shroud to direct air flow across the... ...injectors and fuel rail... prevent vapor lock! Who knew?!? ... e0&vxp=mtr

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 14:30
by RMS
6 inches of rust performed well, the sticky rally spec yoko's griped the hot tarmac. with an alignment sorely needed it was like I was going super fast, wrestling with the wheel in every corner. Image
after we got chickenman rolling I suffered from a bit of overheating as we pulled out of the rest area. carb bogging out and limited revs allowed the sport bikes to split the convoy. As Kieth played with the leader I was stuck behind the second forced to ride my brakes in every corner to keep the gap safe. it was still too much and soon the bike slipped into the right lane and I was back in formation. till a CJ5 from the ferry crossed the solid line doing 20k :evil: it was then I knew we were back in Vancouver. it was all good I still had the taste of the Mile One Elk and Chorizo burger in my mouth :mrgreen: ImageImage

Re: First drive of the year

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 16:55
by bertvorgon
That bike guy was a bit of a jerk, he really wanted to race, which would have been insane on his part. He really did not know how to corner on that thing, and the first BIG tip off, that he was not a serious rider, is he had cut-offs on!!!

NOBODY who really knows how to ride, ever rides without leathers on..PERIOD!

I have raced a LOT of bike guys over the years, and when it comes to the real FAST corners, I can only think of maybe 3 guys that were up to the task, one of which is Stevie biker on the monster of his, and he used to road race bikes, so he knows hot to set up for a corner and COMMIT.

The Sea to Sky guys bike was not that fast, I reeled him in on the charge to the corner, and I knew he would lift,

Then, there was the "cyanide pill" episode.........some of you know this story....

Last time I ever gave'er bullets on the Sea to Sky was after our Dyno day, when Denni and I took off after the guy in the G35