2018 Canby show, June 8,9&10th, Clackamas county fairgrounds

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2018 Canby show, June 8,9&10th, Clackamas county fairgrounds

Postby OSGiken510 » 25 Jan 2018 21:50

After a very successful show last year at Canby, I'm happy to announce our 2018 Datsun's Northwest Canby car show and campout. This years show will be held on June 8,9,&10th at the Clackamas County fairgrounds in Canby Oregon, this will be our 13th year at this venue. I'm hoping for our biggest turnout this year, start wrenching and working on those Datsun's and Nissan's to get them ready to go.

There aren't going to be many changes this year, two nights of camping, banquet dinner, Saturday car corral, Sunday car show, vendors and swap meet, activities for the young ones, raffle prizes, lots of great Datsun's and seeing all those Datsun people you only get to see sometimes once a year. We are trying to organize a Saturday cruise mid day to a destination and back, I'm working with other Datsun clubs in our area to take this task on for us, I will keep you updated as things come together.

I did however find someone to help set up preregistration this year! Julie Coop has come back aboard to coordinate this for us, we are in the process of setting this up, a price list for the show and preregistration will be set up on our site soon.

I've been working on another special guest for some time now and for the first time in years his schedule has opened up the weekend of our show.

I am very happy to announce Peter Brock and his wife Gayle will be our special guest at our show this year! The things Peter has accomplished in his life are pretty amazing to say the least and at 81 years old he is still making things happen! They will be at the show Saturday early afternoon to visit with us and sign items you have and look around the car corral, Saturday evening we will have our Banquet dinner with him and after Byron will moderate a Q&A like we did with John Morton in 2017, Byron did such a fantastic job last year, I asked him to do it again this year, didn't have to twist his arm much, thanks Byron! Peter and Gayle will be back on Sunday for the car show and more signing of autographs, there will be a Peter Brock best of show award, he will pick his favorite car of the show and hand out the award with pic's on the podium.

If you have question e-mail Steven at Osgiken510@gmail.com

Steven Pepka
DatsunsNorthwest President
Thanks for all your support!

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Re: 2018 Canby show, June 8,9&10th, Clackamas county fairgrounds

Postby funwithmonkeys » 26 Jan 2018 08:17

I was disappointed to miss the show last year. I am going to make plans to get out to it this year for sure.
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Re: 2018 Canby show, June 8,9&10th, Clackamas county fairgrounds

Postby bertvorgon » 26 Jan 2018 08:31

Me too, it is on my bucket list this year.
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Re: 2018 Canby show, June 8,9&10th, Clackamas county fairgrounds

Postby Byron510 » 26 Jan 2018 21:38

I’m obviously going :-) Steve has presented me with an awesome opportunity and I’m on the job!
Not sure what I’ll drive down this year. Since the last two years have involved such low averages in speed, I’m kicking around taking Ole Blue! But I think the biggest draw back to that - is my back! Ole Blues bench seat would kill me I think. Jury’s our, see what happens. Of course the Bronze is willing and able.

Maybe a night drive to try out our new technology Keith....

I’m so looking forward to this year.

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