Problem with Datsport SR kit + 280zx brake..

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Re: Problem with Datsport SR kit + 280zx brake..

Post by sdterrible1 » 28 Apr 2009 08:29

I have a Datsport Kit on my car w/ 280zx struts. Yes the track is wider and you have to roll your fenders. But other then that it works. My camber plates are maxed out (positive) though.

Im running a 14x6 wheel in the front. Im not sure of the offset though. Which kinda make my post pointless since i have no real specs on what im running.

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Re: Problem with Datsport SR kit + 280zx brake..

Post by goichi1 » 28 Apr 2009 14:32

There are a few different ways to attack this problem, there are also a few different combination's of wheel sizes that can be made to work for you, as I have no idea all of the possibilities, I do know there are a few. 280zx will work with the right sized wheel, maybe really narrow, positive offset. as to how much offset, you just need to experiment. I can tell you the best thing to do is order the strut tubes from Baz when you order the kit, it's not that much more and you have what works. The best struts for the kit in the states would have to be the 200sx V6 strut, and yes, this will affect your brake selection. The strut tube is offset a little more from the spindle than your 280zx struts, giving you more room to tuck the wheels without hitting the rim edge on the tube.....this requires a +33 or so offset wheel. Then again, wheel size is key, for example, a 15 inch rim edge will be closer to the strut tube than that of a 17inch wheel, because the higher up the strut tube you go the more clearance you get....this is where you have to choose the right size wheel....and wheels come in various offsets, but most are common to a type FWD offset, toyota....ect... It can be difficult to find the right I said before, you have to experiment.

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