Reliability of a 510?

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Straight Six
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Re: Reliability of a 510?

Post by Straight Six » 13 Oct 2010 16:36

I'm in central IL, so we have, advance auto and O'reilly, another one to but i have gone blank of the name. Basically the same stores so yes that would be good. Have had great experience with them in the past to.

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Re: Reliability of a 510?

Post by James » 13 Oct 2010 20:36

To answer one of your questions: the switch to unleaded happened after 510's came here. Most any 510 that has been driven even somewhat recently will have had the hardened exhaust valve seats installed. That is really the only issue that comes from the leaded gas era.
Getting mechanical replacement parts is pretty easy - most places can get you stuff that day or within a day or two. I would recommend befriending your local parts guy (if the chain stores can't help you out. The only tough part to get recently is rebuilt front brake calipers. They are well made though - so if they are working on the car you get you should be in good shape.
Pricing is so hard to know in different areas. I would say find the most complete car you can find, with the least amount of rust. You will be better off spending a little more both in money and time finding the best car you can. Rust repair, paint, and interior stuff is all expensive in comparison to mechanical maintenance.
One thing you will find is that fixing the datsun will be much easier than a 2005 Honda. You can get to everything easily in comparison. Also Mechanical parts are pretty reasonable.
Go for it! You'll have fun.
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Re: Reliability of a 510?

Post by okayfine » 14 Oct 2010 07:49

Straight Six wrote:-My biggest concern would be availability of parts, say if my alternator goes bad will i be out of a car for 2 days or a week?(also prices of parts-say compare them to a old honda civic?)
Go to and price your own parts. They're listed if available.

As to an alt failure, if you're on a stock 68-73 35A alternator with external voltage regulator, you're looking at a special order from a FLAPS. While FLAPS can usually get most major mechanical parts for a 510, they almost never have them in stock anymore. This will be even less likely in IL (FILL IN YOUR LOCATION IN YOUR PROFILE).

Rockauto will ship to you, but it will still take a couple days.
Straight Six wrote:-If i got something, all mechanical/electrical were original, what about old rubber or wires that just has corroded over the years?
You fix or replace the parts as needed? I'm not sure what you're asking. If wires are corroded, you have to fix that, whether the OE wiring is 40 years old or 4.
Straight Six wrote:-*uneducated ?* leaded gas to unleaded, did the switch happen before, during or after the 510?something i need to worry about?
Educate yourself, easily Googleable. In the end, if you buy a bone-stock car that's never had its head rebuilt, you're going to need to address the exhaust seats as James mentioned. But I'd trust you'd be taking the head to a shop, and they'll figure it out right quick.
Straight Six wrote:-Prices?! Could someone give me a guide of the basic outlines...
*Barely running?
*Good for DD?
*Good for a car show?
In IL? You'd be lucky to find ONE 510 for sale in decent condition, so you don't really have to worry about the gammut.

There is no guide because prices are dictated in large part by location. A $500 Oregon "beater" might be $2000 on the East Coast. Also, you have to differentiate between the 510 models, and then there's modifications.

It would be much easier for you to annouce your budget and desires, then we can tell you if you're being realistic.
Straight Six wrote:Btw my other question was just a question of interest.
Thanks again :D
You've stated this a couple times. Perhaps "questions of interest" could be searched for first. Or at least nailed down enough that we're not covering all the bases in our answers.
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Re: Reliability of a 510?

Post by hang_510 » 14 Oct 2010 09:17

Straight Six wrote:If i got something, all mechanical/electrical were original, what about old rubber or wires that just has corroded over the years?
if youre not mechanicaly/electricaly confident, DO NOT buy something that has been "fixed"
esp if it has sat for many years, and 'was running when parked'

check out the what to look for when buying threads...

90% of the rubber is avail as aftermarket.
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Re: Reliability of a 510?

Post by banzai510(hainz) » 14 Oct 2010 12:39

I bene daily driving a datsun 521 for 10years, But you got to know how to fix them. Its EZ.
Things do wear out. and part store stuff never last long as the new nissan parts but Its still a EZ car to work on. esp the early presmog L motors. The later 77-79s can have alot of hoses and piping to get in the way.

If your used to new cars and no mechanical ability then a 510 isnt for you.

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