510 resale questions.

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510 resale questions.

Post by chongmang » 01 Jun 2011 15:31

Been in need of money, only thing i have worth anything is my 510. I see a lot of 510s for sale for fairly cheap with a lot of work done to them. Was wondering what i would be looking at getting for my 510 if i decided to sell.
its primered at the moment, was thinking about selling as is or painting if it makes enough of a gain.

1972 2 door
ka24de rebuilt, custom wiring and fuse cluster.
ermish suspension all around
wilwood brakes
4 point rollbar.
corbeau harness and race seats.

with a straight body in primer, or a painted car. what do you think im looking at?
please constructive comments only please not looking to talk ish back and forth to anyone.

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Re: 510 resale questions.

Post by defdes » 01 Jun 2011 17:14

I think a general rule of thumb is 60c on the dollar for a pretty straight car.

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Re: 510 resale questions.

Post by datzenmike » 01 Jun 2011 18:19

I use the 66% rule. Add the cost of the car and all parts you bought. Do not include mechanic's labor if you didn't do the work yourself. Body work, paint, alignment and things like that are ok to include as they are usually beyond the average Datsun owner. Multiply the total by .66 and this is what you can expect it to sell for after the dust settles. The difference between this number and what you think it is worth is called an entertainment tax for the enjoyment and fun of working on and building it.

Cars below $3,500 tend to get more out of it because they are usually incomplete or not so modified that the buyer can add some of his own entertainment tax to it. As the price goes up and up the car fits into a smaller and smaller niche and it's harder to find a buyer with the money and wanting exactly that car.
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