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SR20DET "Red-Top" Engine Overhaul Gasket P/N's

Posted: 25 Nov 2004 12:39
by RWD_NissanMan
This is the Parts List for the individual items that make up the engine rebuild gasket set for the S13 "Red-top" if anyone needs it. You can order the individual gaskets from your local Nissan dealer.

10101-50F27 (SR20DET) Gasket Kit - Engine Repair (cost is about $200 CDN)

Part# Description Qty.
KP710-00150 Gasket sealant - F.I.P. (150g.) Qty. 1
11026-01M02 Washer - drain plug Qty. 1
11044-50F01 Gasket - cylinder head Qty. 1
12279-30P00 Oil seal - crankshaft rear Qty. 1
12279-1E000 Oil seal - crankshaft rear (alt#)
13079-53J01 Gasket - chain tensioner Qty. 1
13207-D0111 Oil seal - exhaust valve Qty. 8
13207-D4201 Oil seal - intake valve Qty. 8
13207-84A00 Oil seal - intake valve (alt#)
13270-52F00 Gasket - rocker cover Qty. 1
13270-53J13 Gasket - rocker cover Qty. 1
13271-52F00 Gasket - rocker cover Qty. 4
13510-53J00 Oil seal - crankshaft front Qty. 1
13510-53J10 Oil seal - crankshaft front (alt#)
14032-52F00 Gasket - collector intake Qty. 1
14035-53J00 Gasket - intake manifold Qty. 1
14035-53J10 Gasket - intake manifold (alt#)
14036-53J00 Gasket - exhaust manifold Qty. 1
14415-17M00 Gasket - turbo charger inlet Qty. 1
14445-26E00 Gasket - turbo charger outlet Qty. 1
14465-79E00 Gasket - inlet tube air Qty. 1
14465-50F00 Gasket - inlet tube Qty. 2
15053-1E400 O ring - oil strainer Qty. 1
15066-77A00 O ring - seal Qty. 1
15193-P9000 Gasket - oil tube inlet Qty. 2
15193-03E00 Gasket - connector water Qty. 6
15196-79E00 Gasket - oil tube outlet Qty. 1
15270-D0103 Gasket - oil filler cap Qty. 1
16175-79S70 Gasket - throttle chamber Qty. 1
16618-10V05 O ring - injector upper Qty. 4
16618-10V10 O ring - fuel rail seal Qty. 4
16618-53J00 O ring - injector lower Qty. 4
22131-50F00 O ring - support distributor Qty. 1
23785-50F00 Gasket - A.A.C. valve Qty. 1

... and there are a couple that aren't in this kit you might need

15066-5E510 O ring - oil filter block Qty. 2
13069-53J00 O ring - chain tensioner Qty. 1

Posted: 24 Jan 2007 19:01
by heirfaus
I don't know if you guys found a reliable source for ALL your SR parts needs, but I was reading the premier issure of Project Car and found an article for a 240sx SR swap. Anyway they listed a dealership and the article says "they stock more OEM SR parts than we know what to do with, not to mention all the aftermarket stuff." And they are talking about the actual JDM parts, not the US SR version parts. Just a heads up so you guys don't rack your brains looking for stuff.

Oh and they are in Puente Hills, wherever that is :?

oh yeah they are Superior Nissan

Posted: 24 Jan 2007 20:35
by jason
Hey, that's the dealership that Hainz likes to deal with.

Posted: 12 Jun 2007 10:07
by johnbureezu
This is great!!! Wish I had these numbers earlier.

Re: SR20DET "Red-Top" Engine Overhaul Gasket P/N's

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 21:32
by spoolinitup33
The part number 14035-53J00 won't bring anything up if you call the Nissan dealership looking for the intake manifold gasket. Not sure what the correct part number is.

Re: SR20DET "Red-Top" Engine Overhaul Gasket P/N's

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 22:29
by rnorrish
maybe it's a Canada/US thing, where we get Japanese stuff and you don't.

neener neener neener.

Re: SR20DET "Red-Top" Engine Overhaul Gasket P/N's

Posted: 21 Jun 2009 23:20
by spoolinitup33
Haha, maybe. You can use the intake manifold gasket from a '91 Sentra SE-R, I just went and got one a little while ago.