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Re: 280ZX vs 300ZX vs 200SX strut options

Posted: 22 May 2014 12:46
by okayfine
240Z caliper:


If your brake rotor is solid, then that's a pretty good match.

With regard to trying to fix the track width, I don't know what your track is currently since your strut/hub combo is pretty unusual. And there were a variety of 200SX struts through the years, unlike the ZX setup that remained the same through the four years of production. But even if you knew which SX strut you had, you might not be able to find the OE hubs/rotors, etc., to change it around. If you can grab the part number off the strut tube, that might help narrow it down.

Re: 280ZX vs 300ZX vs 200SX strut options

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 08:34
by icehouse
So I was checking out the 300zx struts and noticed everything seems to be exactly the same as a 510/280zx strut except two things. The bolt pattern and the hub is shifted back 1". Which in my mind will make it return to center faster and make it more stable on the freeway. So no one has ever tried a set on their 510?

How cool would it be to run 6 degrees of caster but have your wheel centered in the wheel arch.