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Re: replacing mustache bushings

Posted: 26 Mar 2011 06:07
by andrew.lori
I would agree cause thats what I plan to do .... :)


Re: replacing mustache bushings

Posted: 27 Mar 2011 05:03
by Dayton12
Any chance to get the inner diameter measurement (excluding the original outside metal band) on your two 510's mustache bar?


Re: replacing mustache bushings

Posted: 30 Mar 2011 06:15
by Baz
510wizard wrote:Here is some more additional info from my thread on bushings, that I gathered when I was looking for bushings for my custom mustache bar. Please note that the metal outer bushing on the stock rubber must be left in the mustache bar for the ES bushings to work. If someone has a set of the ES #7-1104 and could measure them , I would add them to the chart.

510wizard wrote:I received the Energy Suspension mustache bushings #7-1102 (in the ES catalog these are under the listing for the Z car, not the 510- but also works for the later 510's), the following are the sizes and also the sizes of the Whiteline for comparison. If I had the Energy Suspension mustache bushings #7-1104 (for the early 510), I would of added those to the chart.


Whiteline #W91614 A=49.7mm B=22.2mm C=33.9

Whiteline #W92460 A=40mm B=22.2mm C=34.2mm

Energy Suspension #7-1102 A 46.1mm B=22.4mm C=34.1mm D=12.5mm

It appears that with Whiteline bushings, that the user must remove the inner metal and the rubber. With the ES, you leave the inner metal and just remove the rubber. I am to assume that ES just uses what they had from a other application, where the Whiteline's are custom made to the 510 & the Z car. I am now on to the custom mustache bar.
It is correct that 510s have 2 different moustache bars.
ID is nom 40mm or nom 50mm .

The whiteline pn listed are correct fitment.
We use these in house as they are using the old noltec moulds.
Bushes are fitted to the bare bar without the use of sleeves.
Note that old stock items may have incorrect sleeves supplied.
On our advise whiteline have replaced the inner sleeves.
The original sleeves were too loose on the pins.
These bushes are the best fit available.

The W92460 bushes do not have the tapered flange as shown in the drawing.

Moustache bar pictured uses the 40mm noltec bushes.
These are now black and of a different material, but still use the noltec moulds.

Re: replacing mustache bushings

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 20:47
by SteveEdmonton
Old thread, but new question (I think).

I'm installing Whiteline bushings in my moustache bar. The diameter is perfect-- the earlier posts in this thread alerted me to the differences so that I ordered the right set. No problem there.

The issue is that the heights of the two halves of each bushings-- top and bottom-- are different. The "shoulder" that sticks up (or down) beyond the moustache bar projects up (or down) by 8 mm on two of the halves, and 14 mm on the other two. So the steel tube that goes through the centre of the bushings (which also fits nicely snug, no problem) projects a different amount on each side of the bar: also 8 mm in one direction and 14mm in the other. See photo below.
IMG_0907 comp.jpg
IMG_0907 comp.jpg (204.05 KiB) Viewed 2183 times
The issue is, should the bigger dimension be above or below the moustache bar? With the stock set-up, the distances are quite close to being equal: 10 mm above, and 12mm below. See photo below.
IMG_0906 comp.jpg
IMG_0906 comp.jpg (242.29 KiB) Viewed 2183 times
In a sense this hardly seems to matter. But enough has been said in this thread about driveline alignment to make me wonder. If the new set of bushings gives me either 8 or 14 mm between the moustache bar and the frame, depending which half of the pair is facing up, and the original set gave me 10 mm in that same dimension-- well, what about this? Is there a problem here, or not? I don't want to be hyper about it... but nor do I want to blithely assume it makes no difference.

Analyses? Suggestions?

Re: replacing mustache bushings

Posted: 23 Sep 2013 08:52
by Three B's Racing
Which thickness on top or bottom depends on if the crossmember has stock insulators or the poly units. Because the poly units raise the crossmember a good 8mm closer to the undercarriage. I have the crossmember and diff support poly bushings from Top-End Performance and their great!!! The differential poly bushings are for a 240Z as my 510 is a `69 so it requires the Z part others do differ.