MR2 rack and pinion Set-Up how to's and test results

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Post by jackedaw11 » 26 Oct 2006 10:20

Sorry, haven't looked here for a little while. To be honest, I have never driven a 510 with the original steering set up, so I can't really compare this rack and pinion set up to that. I do like the steering, it is light and quick, but quicker is always better, so go for the quaife rack for sure. In contrast to my mr2 the 510 is much much easier to turn, esp. when not in motion.

My linkage is pretty sad, it is just two mr2 yokes welded to a 1/2" steel rod, it just barely clears everything, and doesn't bind.


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Post by Cmac » 26 Oct 2006 17:12

New to this form but what I am getting is you need the following per the post above. You need the drivers side tie rods from the 85 cressida, and you need passenger side tie rod ends from the 510.

So you need a rack out of a 1985-89 toyota MR2
2 Drivers side tie rods off a 1985 or newer cressida
2 passenger side outer tie rod ends from your 510

Does anyone have a photo of this once it is all done I am very interested in this swap. and how it is mounted to the crossmember.

Currently working on a Sr20det conversion. that the body is geting block sanded right now. I hate block sanding.

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Post by S15DET » 27 Oct 2006 09:49

The only problem with using the Cressida tie rods is that it will make the rack wider, and it as already a little too wide to begin with. If I can find a stock tie rod with the smaller ball housing, that's the same length and thread as the Cressida, I'll pass it on. Laziness is why I made the hybrid tie rods, here's another picture to show how I did it. My new tie rod ends just arrived today, so now I can continue with the mounting of the rack, once I determine the best position for it. I'll send pictures when it's mounted to the reversed cross member. I'm also working on a clever and simple way to fix teh problem with the extreme angles of the steering rod U-joints by moving the top U-joint inside the firewall. Pics of that will come soon too.
I cut both tie rods, leaving an alignment pin, and large chamfer to fill with weld. Ball housing from MR2, and M14 threaded end from Cressida (could have simply used M14 threaded stock, but this has the nice hex flats too).

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Post by traitorjacknif » 06 Feb 2007 17:52

i just bought everything i needed to do this for about 100 bucks, God i love ebay

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Post by icehouse » 21 Sep 2017 09:30

traitorjacknif wrote:i just bought everything i needed to do this for about 100 bucks, God i love ebay

Did you ever finish the install?
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