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Posted: 18 Apr 2007 13:54
by Crevier
yeah your ''artist skill'' sucks big time lol

thanks alot again, everyone who help!


Posted: 18 Apr 2007 21:09
by icehouse
As long as someone re draws my "wiring diagram" :D

Posted: 18 Apr 2007 21:27
by Crevier
ok ok I wil redraw your diagram! and sticky it!

Posted: 19 Apr 2007 16:06
Crevier wrote:ok ok I wil redraw your diagram! and sticky it!
Thanks Guys :D

Posted: 20 Apr 2007 08:35
by Yellowcar
Anybody got a diagram for a 91 KA24DE?


Posted: 20 Apr 2007 09:09
by arkitekz
Yellowcar wrote:Anybody got a diagram for a 91 KA24DE?

Yeah! Diagram form ka24de 91-93 would be the icing on the cake.

Posted: 20 Apr 2007 09:40
by oregondime
here you go, its the pinout guide for every motor japanese and ka: that link took me 2 hours to find before :)


Posted: 20 Apr 2007 22:38
by 510-Trevor
icehouse - here is your diagram all cleaned up.

If anyone has any changes/additions they think should be added, post them here. If there is a consensus then I will revise the drawing as required.


See revised sketch below.


Posted: 21 Apr 2007 06:21
by Crevier
the picture doesn't work

Posted: 21 Apr 2007 08:20
Good Work 510-Trevor much appreciated!


Posted: 21 Apr 2007 08:42
by 510-Trevor
you need to click on the word 'download' . This will open the pdf file for viewiing.

Posted: 21 Apr 2007 09:16
by Crevier
the switch you draw isn't ''switch'' it is a relay, modify it to like my diagram symbol with correct wire to coil and contact

I say this for someone who will look at your diagram and put switch and not relay

and everything else is very good!



Posted: 21 Apr 2007 16:31
by 510-Trevor
Here is the revised diagram.

Perhaps someone can come up with better wording for the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.


Posted: 21 Apr 2007 20:49
by Baz
one small thing that is overlooked when wiring up an Sr is the alternator warning lamp.
solder a 100 ohm resistor across the lamp terminals. this can prevent alternator failure if the warning lamp blows.
Fuel pump is best triggered from the ecu as this will cut the pump in the event of an accident where the engine stops & the driver is unable to cut the ign.
Most after market tachs will require a pull up resistor ( about 5K) across the power/signal wire.
With early ign switches bridging the ballast bypass wire to the main ign on will do the trick.
The white 3mm sense wire on the alterator is best trigged by the ign on relay. can prevent battery going flat.
If using the original temp gauge with the SR temp sender the gauge will need recalibrating, best to replace the votage reg at the same time with a solid state unit.


Posted: 22 Apr 2007 10:27
by doughboi916
will a 91 ka wire up like this? anyone want to help me with a diagram also, i would appreciate it.