Good Books for Datsun Performance info.

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Good Books for Datsun Performance info.

Post by Byron510 » 08 Feb 2004 13:13

Good books to get info from, and to look for in your used bookstore. For those of you who seem insistent on giving info simply copied from other Datsun sites, maybe you should read these books first to give you some sort of clue.

How to Modify Datsun 510,610,240Z Engine and Chassis, HP Books, by Bill Fisher and Bob Waar is a great book - that's why we simply refer to it as the "Bible" Some of the info is a bit dated, but the modifications, photo’s and how-to’s are just as current now. Worth at least $50 in info alone.

How to Hot Rod and Race book (Pub. in 80's – sorry, I’ve lent the book out and don’t have the info at the moment, but I believe Bob Waars name is on it). This book is an abbreviated version of the above-mentioned book, but it does include the infamous How to build a Trans-Am Racer chapter, which has all the suspension mods that we street guys like –very valuable info.

How to Rebuild Nissan/Datsun OHC Engine, HP Books, by Tom Monroe is an excellent book, but only relates to the engine. This is the best book I can recommend for anyone who wants to rebuild a Datsun engine for the first time. It shows all the tricks, and warns about all the pit falls, a must have for anyone opening up an L-Series motor, 4 or 6 Cyl.

How to Modify Nissan/Datsun OHC Engine, HP Books, by Frank Honsowetz is also a must have for anyone building a performance L-Series engine. This book should be used in conjunction with the above-mentioned book, by Frank Honsowetz. Fortunately, the book is now in print again by Fisher Books. You should be able to find a copy at your bookstore. My older HP copy has great crossover and reference tables concerning rod lengths, piston sizes, bore sizes, crack specs ect - awesome info for the hybrid builders.

Enjoy, and learn

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Post by 5teN » 08 Feb 2004 22:23

Cool Byron, I've always wondered about the datsun books! That would make good newsletter material!

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Post by Derek » 29 Feb 2004 10:40

For all of you out there who don't like buying books (or borrowing Byrons :) ), I just took out well loved copy of "How to Rebuild" from the Vancouver Public Library, so if you need a copy for a little while that's where you can find one (I have it right now of course).

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Post by 5teN » 29 Feb 2004 11:04

Wierd! I was just there for the first time last weekend - typed in Datsun but I didnt see that book.
Anyways that's pretty cool :-)

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Post by MikeY » 29 Feb 2004 15:30

for the less mechanicly inclined "How to keep your Nissan alive" is great. A kind of Datsuns for Dummies book. Look on amazon or set up an ebay search to notifiy you whan one comes up for auction. I get an email from ebay whenever "The stainless steel carrot" comes up and sometimes it gets poorly listed, ie. no 510 in the listing, and it sells quite reasonably. (under $40usd)

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Post by D510 » 01 Mar 2004 00:16

anyone have a L20B rebuild book for sale?
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Post by banzai510(hainz) » 15 Apr 2004 08:19

I think my Nissanmotorsports book had a listing of them Datsun books you can purchase. Go to dealer and order the motrsport catalog.


Post by dirtmagnit » 21 Jun 2004 15:53

"How to Make Your Car Handle" by Fred Puhn provides a great education on all dynamics of suspension and handling. Uses the 510 in many examples (as well as many other cars) and, despite being an older book, still holds its own with modern suspension styles and theories. Even has formulas for different things, like calculating spring tension for example.
An awsome read.

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Post by mattc » 22 Sep 2004 11:29

the Fred Puhn book is another Bible! in fact Fred is selling his DSR (the same one that is featured in his book) on right now -
This may be a little off topic, but Carrol Smiths "Engineer to win" and "Tune to Win" are fantastic books that should be entered on the list. In fact, the 510 is used as a reference point for many of the discussions. Carrol Smith, for those of you who don't know, is a race car Guru that worked with Mark Donohue (amongst many others) during his Trans Am, USAC, USRRC and Can-Am championships.

the HP Book "Turbocharging" by Hugh McInnes is another great book that features a really cool 280Z with a 6cyl Diesel that's turbocharged---very cool!!
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Post by Ash510 » 05 May 2005 19:53

If anyone is interested I was at the Gildford library an saw a great 510 manuel. had lots of general tech. bits,and specs.mind you they are all for stock cars,but it had all the material to rebuild your car from front to back. worth a look.

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Post by 510rob » 05 May 2005 23:07

"Turbocharging" by Hugh McInnes
I totally agree. The Hugh MacInnes book has the best laymans explanation of turbocharger function and design. A lot of people pan that book and push the Corky Bell book called "maximum boost" which is good, but I still think that everyone who has the Bell book would be better of to read the MacInnes book as well.

Another really good book on chassis info is Herb Adams' "Chassis Engineering"

The best engine book I've read is Harry Ricardo's "The High Speed Internal Combustion Engine" - it is THE bible on the subject.

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Post by Mike » 07 May 2005 17:54

Hi Rob. I did a quick internet search for the High Speed Internal Combustion Engine book.
I was hoping I might pick one up cheap on Ebay or something.....Maybe not.

Author: "Ricardo, Sir Harry"
Title: The High Speed Internal Combustion Engine
Description: CONDITION: Used-Like New ,

0/0/0000 . Hardcover
Reviews from all over the 'net:

Science & Nature/Engineering Books: Engines competition racing performance engine history theory
Item No: 5948 Shipping Only $3.00 for ANY NUMBER of Books! Price:
$ 611.00

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Post by scotth510 » 21 Nov 2005 22:17

I'm looking for a good book to help me rebuild a set of 40mm webers and also figure out what jets and whatnot to use. They will be used on a lz2.2 if that helps. Can anyone suggest a solid book or manual that would do the job? Thanks in advance.
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Post by GREG510 » 21 Nov 2005 23:24

Hey scotth510,I have used the HAYNES WEBER MANUAL for rebuilding my carbs,it pretty good.Their is 2 haynes manuals that I am aware of.As for jetting,the guidelines in the manuals are a ballpark guess at best.
Jetting Webers can be a pain,I allways took my 510`s in to a good shop(Specialty)that has lots of knowhow and of coarse jets to play with.

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Post by 510rob » 22 Nov 2005 00:37

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